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Mrs. Ziomek's Instrumental Music
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Altamont Band and Orchestra/Westmere Orchestra

On this website you will find many different songs to listen to, either songs from concerts, or songs from your lesson, and some helpful practice tips. Don't forget you can also find recordings of performers playing your individual instruments and learn from listening to their playing style and technique. Let me know if you find anything and please share!
Feel free to ask me if you would like to borrow any music from the music library that I have for you to browse and borrow in the classroom.

5th Grade Orchestra and Band members:

Altamont students click on the links below to hear your selections from this past concert:

Orchestra - Sourwood Mountain                 IcyTop                 Winter Wonderland
Band -         A Freaky Fantasy               Carnival of Venice               Jingle Bells
                            Cool It!  

Would you like to listen to some of the pieces that we are working on in your ensemble? Click on the link below to listen to the songs.

These songs are in MP3 format. To listen to these songs online you will need the following: I-tunes, Windows Media Player, QuickTime or RealPlayer. If you are using a dial-up connection please be aware that some of these files may take some time to load. Since these songs are property of Guilderland Central Schools, please do not download a copy.

Make sure you are following along on your piece of music while listening. After clicking the link, if you cannot hear the music turn up the speakers on your computer and hit refresh to restart the song.


Want to hear your rehearsal recording? Click on the link below to hear your song.  Then click on the pdf link to print out the worksheet to answer some listening questions about what you heard.

AES Band - Fanfare on Ode to Joy February 14th                          Listening Worksheet

                      Fanfare on Ode to Joy February 28th
                    Starsplitter Fanfare on March 13th
                       Home on the Range Bass Line April 3rd

AES Orchestra - Enter the Heroes February 27th
                        G major scale on March 3rd
                            Carnival of Venice Bass Line March 26th
                            Enter the Heroes April 2nd

Here are some comments from the previous listening worksheet to get some ideas and some great thoughts from your fellow 5th grade classmates - Comments from January Listening

Please note that some of the above files open in "pdf" format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to download and print.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat on your computer you can get a free copy from the Adobe Web site -


Fanfare on Ode to Joy                                                 Chisholm

Starsplitter Fanfare                                              Raindance

Casey's Last Run


Altamont:  Scarborough Fair                             Tribal Dance        
         Carnival of Venice Melody                Carnival of Venice Bass Line     

                   Enter the Heroes                            

Westmere: Fiddler's Hoedown                       La Petite Danseuse
                        Pop, Popcorn, Pop                       Zum Gali Gali

4th Grade:

Can't remember how a song goes when you are home and you are practicing? Need to sing the song some more to get the tune? Or do you just really enjoy singing the songs with the words and the syllables? Then click on the links below to hear sung versions of the more unfamiliar folk tunes from your book or packets.

Little Tom Tinker
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Hunting Round
Lightly Row
Oats, Peas, Beans
When the Saints Go Marching In
This Old Hammer
Volga Boat Song
Erie Canal

If you play a band instrument and want to play along with music, then pop in your compact disc from the book "Your Musical Voyage." Please use the cd to listen to the songs and/or play with the songs.

If you play a string instrument, and want to play along with music, then click on a link below to hear a piano version of some of the beginning songs. All of the songs below are played in the key of D. You will hear the song first with just the melody and then followed by the song with an accompaniment.

Little Tom Tinker
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Hunting Round
Lightly Row
Oats, Peas, Beans
Old Moldy Buns
Mary Had a Smelly Goat
When the Saints Go Marching In
Love Somebody
This Old Hammer
Twinkle, Twinkle
Oh, How Lovely is the Evening

4th Grade want to hear your upcoming recital songs? Make sure to sing them first, then try to play them! Click on the song titles below to hear the tunes:

Altamont Band:    Linus and Lucy (sung)                           Linus and Lucy (played)
                            Blue Bird's Song (sung)                        Blue Bird's Song (played)              

Altamont Orchestra:    Echo Sweet

Altamont and Westmere Orchestra:  For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (sung)
                                                         For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (played)

Westmere Orchestra:   Linus and Lucy (Sung)                        Linus and Lucy (played)
                                   Get Back (Sung)                                 Get Back (played)



1. Practice frequently to improve on your instrument. Practicing 5-6 times per week will make you a stronger and more comfortable musician. Leaving practicing to the last minute will tire you out.

2. Practice frequently in short amounts of time. DO NOT practice only one time a week for 75 or 100 minutes. This will not help you improve on your instrument. Practice in short amounts to truly improve.

3. When struggling with a portion of a song, don't just skip it. Work at the couple of notes that are giving you trouble. BREAK THE SONG DOWN INTO SMALL PIECES. After working on the small piece, build on it with other portions of the song, and eventually add it back into the song once you feel like you are comfortable with that spot.

4. If you are confused on what a note is, look at your lighthouse page in your packets or books to find out the letter name for the note. Then knowing the letter name, look at your 'survival kit,' the fingering chart to figure out how to play the note. Memorize the new fingering or position.

5.  Follow the steps for learning a song: Sing the song with words/Sing the syllables with a steady beat/SING AND FINGER/then try playing.

6. Keep trying! If you get frustrated, it's ok! It's all part of learning your instrument.  Hang in there and come see me so we can figure out a way to make it easier for you! If you are confused about anything, stop in and ask questions!

7. HAVE FUN!!!