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Inquiry Projects - Examples of Student Work

Inquiry research projects


What is inquiry?Photo of students describing the parts of a bike
Inquiry is a process in which students are given more opportunities to investigate topics of interest within the realm of an essential, overriding question. Students, teachers, and librarians conference frequently as the investigation progresses. It is flexible and driven by the standards and the curriculum. It is also highly motivating for students which results in superior products.




Historical fiction short stories

Seventh grade students do research on a topic from American History and then use what they've learned to create authentic settings for their historical fiction short stories. Other information literacy components include using the terms and/or to narrow or expand a search on a database, using quotations in search boxes, and using inference in research especially when examining primary pictures.

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History's impact on society

In this eighth grade inquiry project, the essential question is how do events in history impact today's society?  It is a cross-curricular unit involving social studies, language arts, and math in collaboration with the school librarian. Students choose a current event of interest to them and explore its roots in history. They generate primary data through surveys or interviews on the topic, write a research paper, and choose the method by which they will share their knowledge with others. The project spans half of the school year in measured intervals.