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Library Media Center
About Our Library

When is the library open?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  8:15 a.m. - 4:05 p.m.
Wednesday, Friday 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Who is the staff? 

The librarians are Maura Nichols and Lisa Lehman. The library clerk is Debra Murphy. They can be reached at 456-6010 ext. 3026. Or by email at or

When can a student come to the library?

Students can come to the library during the school day whenever a teacher issues them a pass. Students MUST have a pass from a teacher to come during activity period, unless they are coming for a club or Makerspace session. 

What is the check out policy for students?

Students can check out up to 4 books at a time.

Books can be checked out for 3 weeks and then renewed for another 3 weeks.

Only one audio book can be checked out at a time to a student.

Periodicals can be checked out for 1 week.

Reference and video materials can be taken overnight after 2:00 p.m. and must be returned the next day during homeroom.

If a student has any overdue materials they will NOT be allowed to check anything else out until the overdue materials are returned.

What is the overdue book policy?

Overdue book notices are now being sent out via email every few weeks to students and parents. We no longer distribute paper copies. Students, please check your email account to see if you received any overdue notices. Students can also access their account to see what books they have checked out and/or place holds on books by logging on to our catalog. If a student does not know their log in information they are asked to see an FMS librarian for help. We DO NOT charge late fees, but do charge if the item has been lost or damaged. We ask that students make every effort to return overdue books or replace lost or damaged books borrowed from any of the GCSD libraries before leaving FMS and moving to the high school.  Be aware that it is GHS policy to have students resolve any issues with overdue materials taken from ANY GCSD library before graduation or it could delay receiving tickets and caps & gowns. This includes materials a graduating senior might have outstanding from their time in elementary school and/or FMS. Please contact a librarian if you have questions or need to resolve an overdue book issue.  

What if a book has been lost?

If a book is lost, payment must be received before more books can be checked out. If the book is found later, payment will be returned even if the student is now at the high school.

Can I borrow from other school libraries? 

Books can be borrowed from other schools in the GCSD through interlibrary loan. Requests can take up to a week to fill. Students can make requests through the library catalog by placing a hold on the item or see a librarian for help making an interlibrary loan. It's also possible to get books from other libraries outside the district. Please see a librarian for help with those requests. 

How can I volunteer in the library?

If you would like to volunteer in the library, please contact Lisa Lehman or Maura Nichols at 456-6010 ext. 3026, or by email. We are flexible about the times and days you can help out. Volunteers help with shelving, inventory, displays, etc. We try to tailor jobs to your interests.

What kind of information literacy instruction do students receive? 

Farnsworth follows a unified research model that includes all teams and grade levels and emphasizes an inquiry based approach in which students have opportunities to:

*Question deeply

*Investigate using a variety of resources

*Manipulate databases for optimal search results

*Evaluate the validity and relevancy of resources for a specific need

*Collect and analyze data

*Collaborate with others

*Construct new knowledge

*Cite sources

*Share the knowledge through a variety of presentation options including use of digital technology and multimedia platforms

*Evaluate the process and product

*Be aware of digital citizenship and copyright 

More information about our Unified Research Model.

Libraries Boost Achievement

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Check out this brief: Impact of School Libraries on Student Achievement by the New York Comprehensive Center.

 Statistics for the video were also culled from:

"Something to Shout About: new research shows that more librarians means higher reading scores" by Keith Lance Curry and Linda Hofshire (School Library Journal, Sept., 2011).