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Historical Fiction - Student E-books

Molly Fanning's 2011-2012 seventh grade team conducted a long-range research project with the Learning Center on a period in history of the students' choosing. Students needed to research the historical event including finding primary documents to make the settings authentic. Guidance on the writing process was woven throughout the project. Many students drew from the experiences of family members as well.

Below are links to some of these stories in an e-book platform:


Syracuse to Okinawa by Matt C. (Military service - post World War II - family story)

Many Small People by Sydney R. (Vietnam War)

The Letter by Hayley K. (Irish immigration)

Voyage to the New World by Josh G. ( Escape from Germany during World War II)

Friends Forever by Andrea M. (Apollo 11 mission)

Elizabeth's Journey 1912 by Zach P. (Titanic)

Henry by Matt D. (Breaker boys in coal mines)

I Love You by Mia E. (German home front - World War II - family story )

From Germany to America by Ally S. (Immigrants from Germany - family story)

One of Life's Lessons by Daniella D. (Korean War - family story)