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Science Fiction Writing Pathfinder

The Big Ideas


Predictions about the future are imperfect. Many factors will influence what happens to our world, some of which are impossible to foresee. With that in mind, below is a list of websites whose creators dare to imagine the future based on current knowledge.  Feel free to use these ideas in your science fiction writing, if they seem believable to you and are based on scientific thought.

CNN Money: Timeline of the Future

SmartCompany: Seven Future Trends


Periodical databases - EBSCOhost

Use your EBSCO database at school to find these articles and others:

FMS Database Page

Sample articles:

How advances in medical technology will affect you (Current Health 2, Jan. 2000)

The future is now! (wireless communications) (Cobblestone Feb. 2012)

The house of the future (U. S. News and World Report, July 2009)

It's 2035 (National Geographic Kids, Sep. 2005)


More Detailed Sites: 

Institute for Global Futures (use the tab called Trends)

World Future Society: The Futurist

Thomas Frey - DaVinci Institute


Digging Deeper: Learning More about a Particular Trend


Search these sites using appropriate keywords:

FMS Database Page


Popular Mechanics

Popular Science