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Library Media
Boys Read

Reading sites and suggestions of particular interest to boys

Guys Read  Jon Scieszka's web site with great lists for all reading interests.

Boy Meets Book  from the Reading Rants: Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists by Jen

Guys Listen  Audio books recommended for boys, also by Jon Scieszka.  Listen to a book today!

Teen Reads: Extreme Sports A list of books by and about extreme sports and sports figures.

Michael Sullivan's Books for Boys A variety of genre-based lists, including graphic novels, gothic horror, action/adventure, and humor.

Young Adult Series Books  Check out this site to see if there is a new book in a favorite series, searchable by author or series.

Recommended Titles


Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel (September 2010)

Imagine getting a chimp for a brother on your 13th birthday. This is a story about a family in 1973 that adopts an infant chimpanzee with plans to raise it as part of the family and teach it human language.  Ben is not too thrilled about this idea, especially because they move across the country in order to conduct their research. What happens when Zan joins the family and how it effects Ben makes for a great story.

The Search for WondLA by Tony DiTerlizzi (September 2010)

Set on an unfamiliar planet, this book launches an adventure with a unique cast of characters.  Eva Nine, a human girl, is being raised in an underground Sanctuary by Muthr, a robot parent. When their home is attacked by Besteel, an alien hunter, Eva Nine escapes to the surface, meets Rovender, a "lanky blue creature with back-bending knees", and is on the run into adventure.  Great illustrations from the creator of the Spiderwick Chronicles, and an interactive web feature too.

The Things a Brother Knows by Dana Reinhardt (September 2010)

Levi's brother Boaz, shocked his family when he chose to enter the Marines when he graduated from high school instead of going to one of the Ivy League colleges which had accepted him.  Now it's three years later, and Boaz is returning from his tour of duty in Iraq.  Never in support of the war to begin with, Levi has a lot to think about with his brother back home, and even more when Boaz acts in unexpected ways. For mature readers.

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta (February 2010)

Son of the King's Head Guard, Finnikin has been in exile for 10 years after the "Days of the Unspeakable", when the kingdom was invaded and most of the royal family murdered. Now the subjects of Lumatere are spread throughout other kingdoms, and Finnikin travels with his mentor, Sir Topher, searching for a new homeland in which to gather the exiles.  When they are summoned to meet Evanjalin, a novice who claims to have information of the royal son, a quest unfolds to return and restore their kingdom. For mature readers.

Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! by Matt McElligott and Larry Tuxbury (September 2010)

FMS 8th grade teacher Mr. Tuxbury's 1st book! "Young science-whiz Victor has it all figured out. His erupting volcano has a 97 percent chance of winning the science fair... but what he doesn’t figure is that in the week following him finishing and displaying it, a lightning bolt will reawaken a dormant Ben Franklin, who has been sleeping in an electrical muck-filled box hidden in a secret basement for the past couple centuries. Ben had himself put into suspended animation so that he could help humanity in the future, and that’s just what he does as long as you consider running amok after imbibing too much electricity (he functions as a walking/rampaging rechargeable battery) and destroying Victor’s volcano to be helpful. It’s a light, funny read, and McElligott’s many diagrams, graphs, and drawings are a nice addition." --Ian Chipman, from Booklist

Reckless by Cornelia Funke (September 2010)

Jacob Reckless' father disappeared a year ago, no one knows where.  One day he discovers a clue in his father's study that opens a Mirror world -- a magical, fairy-tale world with as many dangers and horrors as delights.  The story picks up 12 years later when Jacob and his younger brother Will are young men in their 20s.  A race called the Goyl, humans with skin made from various stones, have begun attacking the humans, and Jacob's brother has fallen under a fairy's curse:  when attacked, the human skin will transform to stone and turn them into a Goyl.  Jacob wants to save Will before his transformation is complete, and the Goyl also have an interest in Will.  An imaginative, exciting adventure!

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer by John Grisham (May 2010)

Lots of kids want to be police officers or detectives, but how many want to be lawyers?  Theo does, born into a family of lawyers as he was.  When the biggest case in decades -- a murder case -- starts its proceedings, Theo gets permission for his class to attend the first day of the trial, and is pulled into the case in an unexpected and much more personal way. An engaging character and fast-paced story.

Other titles you will love

A Wizard of Mars by Diane Duane (8th book in the Young Wizards series)

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (Final book of the Hunger Games trilogy)

After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick (sequel to Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie)

Pop by Gordon Korman

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan (Book 1 of the Kane Chronicles)

Crunch by Leslie Connor

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (Book 1 of The Heroes of Olympus)

Gym Candy by Carl Deuker

The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

Left for Dead: A Young Man's Search for Justice for the USS Indianapolis by Pete Nelson

Elephant Run by Roland Smith

The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt

Zen and the Art of Faking It by Jordan Sonnenblick

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve (series)

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel (trilogy)

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (and sequels)

Weasel by Cynthia DeFelice

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (and sequels)

Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson (series)

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins (series)