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Library Media
Subject Links - Social Studies 6 - Ancient Civilizations


*** easier reading

Kidipede - History and Science for Middle School Kids

Ancient Civilizations for Kids 

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece - History for Kids***

Ancient Greece***

The Ancient Olympics

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome - History for Kids***

Ancient Rome ***

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt for Kids ***

Ancient Egypt for Kids (Mr. Donn)***

Science of Ancient Egypt - The Franklin Institute

Explore the Pyramids - NOVA

Mummification - The British Museum ***

The Pyramid of Giza - Planetware

Ancient India

Ancient India - History for Kids

Ancient India - The British Museum

Ancient Indus - Daily Life (Mr. Donn) ***


Mesopotamia - The British Museum

Mesopotamia for Kids (Mr. Donn) ***

Life in Mesopotamia - University of Chicago

Collapse of Mesopotamia

Ancient Africa

Ancient Africa for Kids ***

Ancient China

Ancient China for Kids (Mr. Donn) ***

Ancient China - The British Museum

Ancient China - History Link

Ancient Japan

Kids Web Japan (chronology)

History of Japan

Middle Ages

Middle Ages Interactive

Middle Ages

Middle Ages for Kids

Technology in the Middle Ages


Renaissance Interactive

Leonardo da Vinci - Renaissance Man

Leonardo's Workshop


Lonely Planet

World Fact Book - CIA

Countries of the World - Infoplease

Portals to the World (leads you to other sites) Not basic.