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Library Media
Social Studies Grade 8 - Turbulent Decades (1919  - 1945)

Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties (PBS)

The Stock Market Crash

Stock Market Crash (PBS)

Looking Back at the Crash of '29

The Great Depression

Surviving the Dust Bowl (PBS)

The New Deal (PBS)

Riding the Rails

Infoplease: New Deal

The Roosevelts

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Eleanor Roosevelt (PBS)

World War 2


World War Two (BBC)

The World at War

A People at War (National Archive)

History Central: World War 2

Second World War Battles




Hitler's Invasion of Russia


Due to the nature of this topic,some images are disturbing.

Anne Frank Online

Auschwitz - Birkenau

Cybrary of the Holocaust

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Nizkor Project

Holocaust Encyclopedia

The Holocaust History Project

20th Century History: The Holocaust

Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies


The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

The Righteous Gentiles (PBS)

Home front

Children of World War 2 (British)

Role of Women

Women and the Home Front - World War 2

Women Come to the Front

African Americans

African Americans in World War 2

The History Place: African Americans in World War 2

Japanese Internment

Children of the Camps

Japanese American Exhibit and Access Projects


National Archives: Powers of Persuasion

Nazi Propaganda

Nazi and East German Propaganda Guide Page


Pearl Harbor

Remembering Pearl Harbor

Eyewitness History: Attack on Pearl Harbor 


Naval History and Heritage: Battle of Midway


American Aircraft of World War 2


Naval Historical Center: World War 2


The Normandy Invasion


National D-Day Memorial Foundation