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Lessons from History
Lessons from History Pathfinder - Mr. Kavanaugh


For a specific event in American History:

1. What happened? When did it happen? What details are needed to explain what happened?

2. Why did it happen?

3. How did it happen?

4. Who was involved?

5. Who was affected?

6. What were the long-term effects?

7. How did this event contribute to shaping the future?

8. What can be learned from this event?

Questions for a time period in American History:

1. What was life like during this time period?

2. What were the major events of the time period (see questions above for events)?

3. How did people live? What were their patterns of behavior?

4. What characteristics of this time period stand out the most?

5. How did this time period contribute to shaping the future?

6. What can be learned from this time period?



FMS Catalog:

After developing keywords, use the Farnsworth catalog (OPAC) to find books and websites. You need to be logged into the Destiny catalog to access websites and/or E-books available through the catalog. Your username is your student ID and the password is whatever you use to log on to desktops around the school. See a librarian if you have trouble logging in to the FMS catalog.

Databases and Websites:

National Archives - A database and physical collection of historical documents and government records compiled by the US National Archives and Records Administration.  

Internet Archive - A non-profit library of free books, movies, software, music and more. Great place to find pictures, news reels, commercials and other primary sources related to a topic.