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Library Media Center
About our Library

General information

As a flexible/fixed scheduled library, our mission is to encourage our school staff and students to enjoy literature and to become lifelong learners. Flexible scheduling means that students may use the Library Media Center anytime during open periods of the day to work on projects, study in small groups, search for information and materials, and read books. The School Librarian collaborates with teachers for a regularly scheduled weekly class for library instruction in information skills, literature appreciation, and digital lieteracy.

Students may check out books and read-alongs (book with an audiotape or CD) for a period of two weeks. Magazines and yearbooks may be checked out for one week. Items should be returned or renewed within that time period.

Kindergartners may check out one item weekly
, until good library habits are established. At the beginning of the new year, we increase it to 2 books each week. First through fifth graders are allowed to have up to five items checked out in their name.

Students should take good care of library materials when using them and carrying them in their backpacks. Books should be kept away from food, drink and pets. Be aware: younger siblings need supervision and should never write or draw in library books. It is helpful when students establish a safe place to store library materials when at home. Accidents do happen, however, and damaged or lost books must be paid for, which is intended to help students recognize their responsibility and demonstrate respect for shared school resources.

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