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A Career in the Visual Arts

Today pursuing a career in the visual arts is far more lucrative than it was 30 years ago. Contrary to popular belief artists today are not "starving". They are not working two and three jobs to support themselves. Rather they are evolving and merging their creative talents into a profitable and productive career. A career that has merit and is often globally networked with other creative industries.

To learn more about this and various careers, click here to follow a link from the U.S. Department of Labor; Bureau of Labor Statistics about careers in the arts. This includes earning potential and a summary of what a particular career may look like.   

Click here to explore various careers in Art with links to job descriptions, information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.


Do you have what it takes to be a great artist?

To be a great artist, there is more to it than making beautiful paintings, photographs, sculptures, and other dazzling decorative and commercial pieces. Below are the Top 10 Qualities of a Great Artist (adapted from - Directory of Art & Design Schools and Art & Design Degrees. Click here for more information)


Top 10 Qualities of a Great Artist

1. An Awareness of the Audience: A great artist is well-aware of the audience of the piece they're creating. He or she keeps the needs and wants of this particular audience in mind when developing a project.

2. An Eye for Design: A great artist has a keen eye for design and knows what makes for a good work of art.

3. Creativity: A great artist is very creative and always has new ideas for projects.

4. Humility: A great artist has a sense of humility and is open to criticism. They understand that not everyone will have the same feelings about their work.

5. Knowledge of Materials: A great artist is familiar with a variety of materials that can go into a project, and knows how to most effectively use them to bolster a piece.

6. Passion: A great artist is passionate about their work and practices their art because they love the work and feel a need to create.

7. Savvy Technical Ability: A great artist is technically savvy and can employ computer applications into their work.

8. Sketching Skills: A great artist has great sketching skills and can use those skills to lay out the basics of an upcoming project, either for their own reference or to show the project to others.

9. Strong Business Sense: A great artist has excellent business skills and can market themselves and their work to the public.

10. Vision: A great artist has a strong sense of vision and can easily picture the desired end result at the outset of a project.