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Sketchbook Ideas

Drawing supports and fosters learning by investigating science, math, art, design and writing; it is an essential element that can describe and question the real and invisible world, record and communicate ideas, transcribe memory, and problem solve. These activities help to promote and strengthen observational drawing and develop the right hemisphere of the brain.

Through practice and looking at the world around you, you can debunk the myth that drawing is a skill and talent. We recommend that you invest in a sketchbook or simple pad of paper. Keep a pencil and eraser with you at all times. When you feel confident, carry along markers, colored pencils and charcoal. Don't be afraid to mix media and even include watercolors and paints. Your choices are endless. Use your artistic license to be creative. Finally, don't be shy. Bring your sketches and ideas into your art teacher for feedback and suggestions.

To get you started, try some of these ideas to practice and develop your observation of the world around you.

Below are some ideas to get you started:

1. Using pictures, illustrate your favorite poem
2. Imagine and then create a drawing featuring the contents of a trash can on the planet Mars.
3. Create a contour drawing of one of the following:
    a. Place in front of you a real or artificial house plant
    b. Your hand in one more letters from sign language
        Click here to see the complete alphabet in sign language
    c. Your shoe
    d.  A bowl of fruit
    e.  A mechanical object
    f. Several pieces of popcorn
4. Design a new mode of transportation for the future
5. Draw your worst nightmare
6. Draw your ideal classroom
7. Design a new visual symbol for the following:
    a. No running
    b. Quiet, testing in progress
    c. Entrance to Movie is free
    d. Wi-Fi service available
    e. No Trans-Fats
    f. Remove shoes before entering
    g. Wash hands
8.  Place yourself in a corner of any room, either on the floor, on a table or standing. Stay in this spot and draw what you see.
9. Create a Mandala of your personal interests and hobbies
10. Exercise the right hemisphere of your brain, by trying these activities:
    a.) Click here for the Vase face activity
    b.) Choose a famous painting and draw it. Only turn it upside down (anytime you look at the          work upside down and draw it, you exercise the right side of your brain.)
11. Draw ordinary things; your favorite drink, your bed, your toothbrush, your shoes etc...
12. Draw people. Anyone is fair game. Draw your mom, your neighbor or the funny guy down at the coffee shop.
13. Draw work from famous artists. This includes work from the masters and local artists. Go to the museum and roughly sketch the art you see in front of you. Notice the placement of objects in the art, note the colors, etc.