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About our program

The high school art department provides a variety of courses which allow students to appreciate, investigate and produce art through various media and techniques for self-expression. Each course follows the New York State Learning Standards in Art and is aligned with 21st Century Learning Skills. At this level the continuum of learning for students emphasizes the development of skill in the two and three-dimensional arts along with the electronic arts. The courses are designed to; amplify students' interest, creativity and ability to become independent and self-directed learners, increase their awareness and impact that the role art may have on their lives, transcribe and communicate with the visual language.

With a wide array of courses to choose from, students are able to further develop their interests and talents in a specialized area. Each of the projects and assignments presented in these diverse courses afford students the opportunity to question and explore the real and invisible world through 21’st Century learning. The following 21’st Century Learning skills are reinforced and assessed throughout all of the foundational and advanced level courses: Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Visual and Digital Literacy’s, Critical Thinking, Global Awareness, Accountability, Responsibility, Initiative, Productivity and Leadership.

Students wishing to pursue Advanced Placement credit may do so through the submission of an electronic portfolio in either the two dimensional, three dimensional, four dimensional and electronic arts. Students are encouraged and allowed to actively participate in real world art experiences such as student art shows, exhibitions, contests and community-wide events.

Students enrolling in Studio in Art fulfill their fine Arts requirement for the New York State Diploma. 


Video created by Tanya Davis, art educator, North Carolina.