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Welcome to our Art Gallery  
      Thank you for visiting Mrs. Monlea's Young Artists K-5

student art work         student art work        student art work

 Curriculum Overview
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Students follow a curriculum that is aligned with the New York State Learning Standards in Art and 21’st Century Learning. At this level, emphasis is placed on the introduction and reinforcement of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Throughout a child’s elementary art experience, they are exposed to a wide array of materials and techniques that develop their aesthetic and visual surroundings through the exploration of various civilizations and cultures both past and present. A sequential curriculum of learning involving vertical teaming is in place to consistently foster and promote the development of the 21st Century Learning Skills such as: Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Visual and Digital Literacy, Critical Thinking and Global Awareness. Art teachers regularly collaborate with the classroom teacher to reinforce concepts and ideas taught in other disciplines. All students receive 40 minutes of art instruction per week.


student art work       student art work