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 Learning Fair

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Be a part of the Learning Fair
on Wednesday, November 20th!

The Learning Fair Committee would like you to have the following information so you can begin to plan your participation.

The purpose of our Learning Fair is to provide an opportunity for students to display their knowledge about a problem they have solved or a question they have answered.

To accomplish their learning, students are encouraged to use the following steps in a Problem Solving Method:
1.) Decide on a question or problem of interest.
2.) Gather the necessary information.
3.) Organize and analyze it to answer the question.
4.) Decide on a solution, conclusion or answer.
5.) Plan and prepare a method to display the learning.

As you plan for the display, you could consider some of these methods:

Safety First!

Please be aware that glass containers are not permitted.

Projects involving water must be in a water tight container.

Displays need to be able to stand on their own. For example, sturdy cardboard or foam board folded into thirds would form a stable background.

Live animals will not be allowed in the Learning Fair displays, due to health and safety concerns for both the animal and children.

Click here for some suggestions for questions to investigate.                           Learn More

Important Dates

An Information Form (.pdf) about student participation will be sent home.

This information form needs to be filled out and returned to your child’s teacher by October 15th. This information helps the Learning Fair Committee to make preparations for the Fair.

Student displays need to be brought to school by Monday, November18th. Students should bring them right to their classroom.

Note to Parents

We encourage parents to offer suggestions, encouragement and assistance, but the projects should primarily reflect the student’s efforts. With your support this will be a rich and rewarding experience for your child.

Parent volunteers are needed to help organize, set - up displays and monitor during the Fair. If you are available either during the day or evening, it would be very much appreciated. Contact the Learning Fair Committee if you would like to volunteer or if you have any questions. Thank you to those who have already sent in your parent volunteer forms!

Research Tips & Tools from the Pine Bush Librarysmall photo of Learning Fair bulletin board

A display will beset up in the library to help students as they prepare for the Learning Fair. Books with project ideas are available for checkout. 
Planning tools and links to online resources are available as well as a few (small) samples of display options.
Learn More