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Library Materials

LMC Map (View the map to see where materials are located in the library.)

image library map


Links to articles are provided for families to learn about these types of materials.


eBooks and Audiobooks to download 


image of Overdrive logoCurrent collection size: 4,033 eBooks & 663 audiobooks

eBooks and audiobooks are available to Pine Bush library patrons through Capital Region BOCES.
Check out up to 3 books at a time using your Destiny library card number. Download books to your home computer, tablet, smartphone or e-reader and they will automatically be returned when your time is up (7-21 days.)

eBooks to view online


TumbleBook Library:

 TumbleBook Logo

Current collection size:
TumbleBook Library is an online collection of animated, talking picture books, great for elementary school students. These can be easily accessed from our Online Research Page.

Library eBooks:

Opens Destiny OPAC @ PBECurrent collection size: 187
Our library offers a growing collection of eBooks through the Follett library catalogs. To explore what’s available and access these eBooks  visit our library catalog at:
Pine Bush Library Catalog (Destiny)
Login with your UserName and password.


Picture Books


photo of picture bookCurrent collection size: 4,106 titles
In these books, the story is told through the words and pictures on every page. There are also wordless picture books that rely on the illustrations and the viewer's imagination to enjoy the story. Usually 32 pages long, these books are appealing to all ages and are great read alouds for families to share.

Reading Picture Books
Young Children and Picture Books


I Can Read (...early chapter books!)


photo of I Can Read bookCurrent collection size: 990 titles
These story books also include illustrations, but the format of the book is different. The books are smaller in size, have more text and short chapters. The vocabulary and sentence structure is more appropriate for early readers who are ready to read independently. (Age range is 6-8)

Easy Reader Books




photo of fiction chapter bookCurrent collection size: 3,846 titles
Our Fiction section is made up of chapter books for our middle and older readers (ages 7-12).  Number of pages in these books vary widely, from 45 to 300+ pages (think of the last Harry Potter.) Themes and plots also range widely from simple to complex, funny to serious. There are many different genres (adventure, fantasy, historical, mystery, realistic and science fiction) and students are encouraged to explore them all.
Children's Genres




picture of Fiction-Oversized bookCurrent collection size: 223 titles
We created this section in our library for two reasons. The first reason being that some chapter books went beyond the typical size for a chapter book and were not fitting on the bookshelf correctly. (We needed five shelves per bookcase!) The second reason is more about
content and readability. Some of these books, by well loved and respected authors and illustrators, were just too heavy for our younger students (some topics deal with death, war, etc.) Other FICO books include writing that is of a much higher vocabulary and density.
Picture Books for Young Adult Readers




picture of nonfiction bookCurrent collection size: 8,608 titles
Young children are great fans of nonfiction books. They want to read to understand the world around them, down to the tiniest bug. Our nonfiction section is arranged by the Dewey Decimal Classification System, which means that it is organized by subject. Books on individual topics are available on many reading levels and students are encouraged to select a book that is most appropriate for them (or they will have a parent help them to read it.)
Looking for Nonfiction Books for Children


Readalongs & Audiobooks


Image of a readalongCurrent collection size: 267 titles
It's wonderful to have the option of listening to a story and readalongs allow students at all levels to do just that. Readalongs are books with accompanying unabridged cassettes or cds and are in every section of the library. Some of our nonfiction readalongs are poetry books and are very helpful when learning to enjoy this way of writing.

Benefits of Audiobooks for All Readers
Top Ten Educational Benefits of Audiobook Listening




picture of reference bookCurrent collection size: 345 titles
Reference books are great for tools for gathering information. Need to know... the birthstone for April? (almanac), Where a certain president was born? (encyclopedia), Where Kenya is? (atlas), What does coordinate mean? (dictionary). Reach for a Reference book, they are always here!
Home: Building Your Own Reference Library


Student Magazines


picture of magazineCurrent collection size:  titles (1,965 issues)  
Student magazine titles that we are subscribing to this year are:
American Girl, Animal Tales, Ask, Boy's Life, Boys' Quest, Click!, Cobblestone, Cricket, Dig into History, Faces, Girl's Life, Highlights for Children, Ladybug, Muse, National Geo Kids, National Geo Little Kids, Owl, Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr., Spider, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Storyworks, Zoobooks. Stop in and take a look!

PBE Magazine web page


Teacher Resources


photo of teacher magazineCurrent collection size: 7,322 titles
This collection includes multiple copies of literature, science and social studies trade books, big books, dvds and videos to use with students for instruction. The library also has a number of books and magazine subscriptions for curriculum and professional development


Parent Resources (now located in our community room)


photo of parenting bookCurrent collection size: 200 titles
This collection has many resources available to parents and families on a variety of topics. A few examples are listed below. Click the Learn More link to see a list of all the titles in the entire collection.
Learn More


Note: Current collection numbers are based on October 2017 data.
New resources are coming in and we will update the numbers again!