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Library Online Gallery: Student Work

Pine Bush Elementary 2010 Census

After learning about the United States Census, students in grades K-2 completed the PBE Primary Census, with teacher assistance. Students in grades 3-5 completed the PBE Intermediate Census on their own in their classroom.

Click to enlarge photo of PBE Census tally sheetsFifth grade students reviewed the completed forms and checked them for accuracy in completion. They created grade level and question-specific tally sheets to collect the data from the completed forms. Once the data was collected from each grade, they used an online graphing program called, Create-a-Graph, to design bar graphs and pie charts. The students realized that they would be unable to put all the information into a graph, so they choose the top five from the author/illustrator/series categories and presented them in the visual formats of their choosing.

Click on the following student-created graphs to see the grade level results for favorite author.

small image of Kindergarten author graph


Kindergarten's Favorite Authors




small view of 1st grade favorite author 


First Grade's Favorite Authors





small view of 2nd grade favorite author graph



Second Grade's Favorite Authors 




Small view of 3rd Grade Favorite Authors


Third Grade Favorite Authors





small view of 4th grade favorite author graph



Fourth Grade Favorite Authors





small view of 5th grade favorite author graph



Fifth Grade Favorite Authors




Students used the Create-A-Graph website to make these graphs. 

The data collected will help with library book and readalong purchases and web site links for student patron.