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Library Online Gallery: Student Work

Comics in the Library and Classroom

Graphic novels and comics are popular once again! We can't seem to keep them on the shelves in our library. When they are checked in, they can be found in the fiction and nonfiction sections of the library.

Students are encouraged to read graphic novels carefully. The story (in fiction) or information (in nonfiction) is shared mostly through dialogue, or by the characters talking to each other. Readers must take time to look at the illustrations to notice the setting, see the action and figure out what the illustrator thought was important. Graphic novel illustrators use the size and shapes of frames in the layout to mean certain things. An extreme close up might mean that the illustrator wants the reader to focus just on the character's feelings or what they are thinking about. you can learn a lot from the art in graphic novels, you just need to know what to look for some times!


book image of Owlybook image of Amelia Rules!

Many students are very aware of the various graphic novel series, located in the fiction section (near the New @ the Library bookcase.)

Some graphic novel series are: Amelia Rules!, Babymouse, Bone, The Knights of  Lunch Table, Owly, Tiger Moth, Time Warp Trio,  Warriors: Tigerstar & Sasha and many more. Check them out!



We are encouraging students to explore the various sections in nonfiction to find true facts presented in graphic novel (comic) format.

image of Graphic Novel label


Browse the shelves in the 500s for Science and the 900's for Biographies and History. Look for this classification label on the spines of the books:


Use our library catalog (OPAC) to search for some nonfiction graphic series.
Try a variety of searches:
book image of Harriet Tubman


Type Graphic Nonfiction or Graphic Library and click the series button




book image of Max Axiom
Type Max Axiom and click the word or phrase button.




book image of Betsy Ross

Type Betsy Ross (or another name from history) and click the subject button. Review the results list to see if any cover looks like it is in graphic novel format.Note: We do not have graphic novels for every topic.


Sample Comic Life Projects:

Over the years, students and teachers have been exploring this creative communication format with the software Comic Life, which is on our elementary school's computer network.

Click on the following links to see how comics can be used at school, maybe you can think of some new ideas to try!

Book Exchange Comic Strip

Mascot Election Comic Strip

Erie Canal Comic

Using the Library OPAC Comic

A "Thank You" Comic