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Students as teachers...
helping you find books that appeal to you with NoveList K-8!


NoveList K-8 is a national database that you allows you to browse lists or target (narrow) a search to find books that interest you. Pine Bush 5th graders spent time learning to use NoveList K-8, they reviewed the Appeal Terms Guide Book (Secret Language of Books) and made Google Slide presentations to make that resource more kid-friendly. They used our library catalog with NoveList K-8 to find books with the specific appeal term and used the book's cover image to help other students easily recognize an example of the appeal term. An example of suspenseful is listed below. Check out their projects and give NoveList K-8 Plus (now with Nonfiction) a try... it's sure to appeal to you!

image of NoveList Appeal Term booklet
Look for this booklet in the library's computer section.
Opens Destiny OPAC @ PBE
Click to open the catalog before logging in to NoveList (so the "Check Library Catalog" button will work.)
image of NoveList K-8 Plus logo

Click to open NoveList K-8 +
Username: pinebushlib 
Password: _ _ _ _ _ 





"Ranging in intensity from subtle
psychological unease to
nail-biting suspense,
 these books keep readers on edge."
"Nail biting intensity and
usually has cliffhangers."

 book cover image
NoveList K-8 description Pine Bush student description
(with the addition of a book cover
as an example)












Book Projects

Students respond to stories that they read in many different ways. Some focus on continuing to read more books by the same author or in the same series. Others choose to learn more about the book topic through nonfiction books, magazines and Internet research. Some children choose to respond to books creatively. Click on the links below to see examples of this creativity. The following students used their artistic talent and their organization, problem-solving and computer skills to create projects with the hope to inspire other readers to read the books that they enjoyed.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon: Kid Pix QuickTime Movieimage of student moviemakers

Rina and Rebecca took a lesson in Mrs. DelNegro's 5th grade class to the next level. After illustrating important scenes their partner, Mitchell, the girls scanned, organized and added audio to the illustrations to create a slideshow about Grace Lin's Newbery Honor book, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Grace Lin visited our school in 2014, so this project had extra special meaning to them. (Viewers may need to download the free program, QuickTime Player to view.)

image of student artwork

Click the image to play a QuickTime movie.


The Sisters Grimm: MSWord board gameimage of students in library

Ava and Krissy read the entire Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley when they were in Mrs. Ockerman's 3rd grade class. They loved it so much, they told all their friends (who also read it!) They wanted to share their excitement and detailed knowledge of the stories with other library patrons, so they made a game board and a poster. Then they wrote book reviews for  A Very Grimm Guide by Michael Buckley and attached digital versions of their projects. Check out their creativity by clicking on the links under the photos below or on Destiny... and check out the books, too!


image of student poster  image of student game board

Open  larger version of poster.                                   Download and print game board to play!


Comics in the Library and Classroom

Graphic novels and comics are popular once again! We can't seem to keep them on the shelves in our library. When they are checked in, they can be found in the fiction and nonfiction sections of the library. Some students have been exploring this art and literature format by learning to create their own thanks to the software Comic Life.       Learn More    

photo of students

Devin and Abby researched ice cream and wanted to share some of the information with their friends. They read the book, From Milk to Ice Cream by Michael Christopher, and learned about how “the milk from dairy cows becomes the ice cream that you eat.”
They took notes, chose a template, planned the original photographs and drawings that would go in each panel, and wrote the script for each picture. Then they used ComicLife software to execute the graphic story.
Here is the result of their work. Ice Cream Comic

Pine Bush Elementary Census 2010

In 2010, during our last United States Census, Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Vanina visited each classroom to incorporate the census into the Enrichment program. Students learned about the census, why it is important and what it is used for in our country. They viewed a sample copy of a census and looked at the questions that are asked of each household.

Each student in the school also took part in a Pine Bush Elementary Census. Using the U.S. census as a model, Mrs. Thomas and Ms. Harmon designed a form that was used to gather data that was more helpful and appropriate for use in an elementary school. The data collected will help with library book and readalong purchases and web site links.  Learn More

Web 2.0 projects


How do readers find books? (The Music Video - Animoto)

So many books... so many ways to choose them! We love to see children and adults find books that they want to read in the library; but not everyone does it the exact same way every time they look. Sometimes, people aren't sure what to do.

Lucky for us, Mrs. DelNegro's class wanted to share their thoughts on this process! They worked very hard to create an online photo essay to illustrate the different things that readers  do to find books to read. They brainstormed, researched, organized, planned, photographed and problem-solved their way to create the following video.

Look carefully, you might learn a new way to find your next library book!


Create your own video slideshow at


Exploring Photo Essays Using Library Resources (A Voicethread Presentation)

photo of students at bookshelves

A group of students in Ms. Germano's class recently completed a project about photo essays in the library. Working with Ms. Harmon, they used the Internet to learn the qualities of a photo essay. They then used the library catalog (OPAC) to find, locate, and evaluate photo essay-styled books from our library collection. They learned and practiced many strategies while using the library catalog: performing different types of searches, skimming for important information in results lists, and identifying where to locate books on the shelves. They reviewed the books that they found and selected appropriate photo essays to share with their class. As a culminating activity, they created a Photo Essay about Photo Essays to share what they learned with their classmates.

Please click the link below to see what a great job they did!


photo of students with photo essay book  photo of student using OPAC  photo of student completing search activity


Hiccups for Elephant: A Puppet Book Talk

Mrs. Critelli's kindergarten class prepared for James Preller's visit in March 2011 by reading his book Hiccups for Elephant. They liked it so much, they decided to encourage other students to read it by creating a puppet show book talk. Check it out...

photo of children holding puppets



How Information Literate are you?

Screenshot of Info Lit Voicethread



McTorre Fun Run 2010


The Fun Run has been an annual event at Pine Bush Elementary School since we opened in 1994. Our main focus is to promote fitness in an enjoyable environment. Mr. McDonald saw a few students make a video using the web site and decided to take Ms. Harmon's course for teachers to learn how to make his own. Click below to see his final project.

image of Fun Run bookmark



Classification Labels in the Library

Last year a library intern, Ms. Moretti, introduced first grade students to the classification label system that we use in our library. Some library books have colorful labels on the spines that help students while they are browsing for books. Together, they created a Voicethread which is a collaborative video, voice, and text slideshow. These images were used to show how these labels are helping our students become more effective library users.



library intern creating Voicethread with studentstudent using label posterstudent holding Wordless bookstudent holding Caldecott book