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Visiting Authors

Two Local Nonfiction Authors Coming to Pine Bush this May


photo of Ellen Senisi

Ellen Senisi will be here on May 8th for Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Assemblies

Ellen Senisi is an author and photographer from Schenectady.
Visit her website to learn about her books for children.

Ellen has been photographing and writing for children for many years. Her photography projects have resulted in beautiful books about children in all kinds of settings: with family and friends, in classrooms, in nature and in other parts of the world.

      Ellen Senisi

These are some online resources for you to read. There are many different formats for you to read: poems, captions or articles. See if they inspire you to write, draw or photograph your own illustrations!:

Summer Days

A Time to Wish

Snow Slide

Helping Hands (see PBE student photo project below.)

What's So Funny? (see PBE student photo project below.)

Sweet Treats

Halloween Parade

All About Pre-school

Class Clowns

Brothers and Sisters Play Together

Mail Myself to You

All for Freedom!

Brothers and Sisters


photo of Lois Miner Huey  

Lois Miner Huey is meeting with 4th-5th Graders on May 9th

Lois Huey is an author, archaeologist and former teacher who lives near Albany. Visit her website to learn about her love for reading, and her dream to write children's books. A list of her published children's books are linked from her home page.


     Lois Miner Huey


Click on the links below for full text magazine articles written by Lois Miner Huey. When you review the titles, see if you can predict what the articles are about. Remember to click on PDF documents when they are available - those have pictures!

Wild Town (This article has a word search puzzle, make your own at

The Past is Present  (Try a word search that Ms. Harmon made to go with this article.)

Under the Street

The Mysterious Dark Day

Clermont Steamboat

Fulton's Success

Mr. Lincoln's Dog

Reconstructing a Life

Into the Deep

The Whydah's Odyssey

Tiny Button, Big Story

Do You Know Tom Cruise?

The Shell Game

Folly or Fortune?

Terror in New York

Mystery Men of the Irish Brigade

Order from Chaos

The Newspaper That Could Not Be Silenced


What can do to get the most out of the visits?


Read their books.

There are copies of Ellen Senisi and Lois Miner Huey's books available in our school library. We already borrowed them through Interlibrary Loan, so you don't have to search the catalog for them. You can just read them!

Recommend it! or Add a Review.

Help spread the word about Ellen Senisi and Lois Miner Huey's books. Login to your library account and make a recommendation or write a book review. Book reviews have certain requirements because they are published on the library catalog, see Ms. Harmon for an Add a Review bookmark.

Create your own photo-essay.

The photos used in a photo-essay tell most of the story. The captions that appear with the photos add to the story or give a little more information about what is happening. This is different from a book that is illustrated with photos. These books have much more text with some photos added to illustrate specific details, instead of telling the whole story. There are many photo essay books in the library to help you understand the difference between photo-essays and photo-illustrated books.

You can create your own photo-essay, Think of a topic, make a plan, take a lot of photos, select the best ones, write captions that tell people more about your photos, think about your project and share it with your friends and family. Suggested photo-essays are:
A Day in the Life (of a person, pet, or classroom), Field Trip (The NYS Museum), Nature Concept (Spring is...), Career (Being a Vet,) Math Concepts (Circles in Our School,) Cause and Effect (Growing a garden), or Historical Timelines.

Take photos with a purpose.

Think of your own topic and brainstorm the images that could best show this topic. You can practice by being inspired by some of Ellen Senisi's articles that can be found using One Search in our library catalog. Start by doing a keyword search of “Senisi, Ellen” (use quotations,) click the One Search Tab and find the articles in the EBSCO-Primary Search section. When you read the articles, you will see that something very important is missing... the photos! Some of the titles of the magazine articles are:

Class Clowns
Sweet Treats
What's so Funny?
A Time to Wish

Do you think you can take photos to illustrate her words? It could be fun!

Think about their books and articles.

Do their books have anything in common? Are there similar themes? How do you feel about the people in the books.

Talk about their books.

Think about the talking points that you make during Reading Partnerships or Book Clubs and use these to talk about these nonfiction books.
What connections can you make? (Text to Text, Text to Self, Text to World.)