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Visiting Authors

Alicia Klepeis will visit Gr. 3-5 students on Dec. 21photo of A. Klepeis


Alicia Klepeis writes fiction, nonfiction and magazine articles. Some of her nonfiction books are in ebook format at Capstone Interactive.

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Go to the Booklist section to hear her available eBooks.




Click on the image of Alicia Klepeis to visit her web site.




Magazine Articles


She writes articles for National Geographic for Kids, Faces, Eco Kids Planet, Kiki and AppleSeeds magazines. Her web site has some sample articles and there are articles from AppleSeeds, Kiki and Eco Kids Planet that have been scanned and posted below. Opens Destiny OPAC @ PBE


You can also do an author search for Alicia Klepeis in the Destiny catalog, then click the OneSearch tab. Students will learn more about using OneSearch to read and listen to articles during library lessons.


Click to open the catalog and
use your Destiny login (student ID)

Articles from AppleSeeds magazine:

(This magazine is no longer being published.)


Bone Picking on the American Plains

Currencies Around the Globe

Venues Around the Globe

E-Bikes: The Future of Chinese Travel?

Following in Marco Polo's Footsteps

Snakebite! What's Next?

At the Turtle Hospital

Working Ultradeep

Do You Zorb?

Articles from Kiki magazine:

(This magazine is no longer being published.)


School Supplies Around the World

What Kind of Hat are You?

Travels with Alicia: Freiburg, Germany

Kiki Goes to Miami

Montreal Manifique!

Sao Paulo: A Carnival Any Time of Year!

Kiki Goes to Seoul

Shopping,Surfing and Sailing in Sydney!

Articles from Eco Kids Planet magazine:

(This magazine is published in the United Kingdom.)



The Five Most Extreme Places in the Namib Desert