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Library "Special Features"
Learning Fair Library Research Display

photo of library bulletin board

Come to the library to view our Learning Fair bulletin board and book display. The bulletin board helps to chart the various steps or stages of research. Planning pages and examples of additional tools to use are also displayed to help you with your project.

There are also books to check out that may inspire you to question and think in new ways on your path to learning something new to share at the Learning Fair!

This display has several books and book series that are great examples of how a question leads to great learning!

Titles of Books:
(Do a title or author search on our library catalog to learn more about each book.)

The Buzz on Bees: Why Are They Disappearing? by Shelley Rotner
Exploding Ants: Amazing Facts About How Animals Adapt
by Joanne Settel
Diggity Dog: The History of the Hot Dog by Adrienne Sylver
If the World Were a Village: A Book About the World's People
by David Smith
The Kid Who Invented the Popsicle and Other Extrordinary Stories Behind Everyday Things
by Don Wulffson
Switched On, Flushed Down, Tossed Out: Investigating the Hidden Workings of Your Home
by Trudee Romanek
Toys! Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions by Don Wulffson
Weird Friends: Unlikely Allies in the Animal Kingdom
by Jose Aruego

(Do a series search on our library catalog to learn more about each book.)

Head to Toe Health
Is that a Fact?
Creepy Crawlies
Real Life Science Experiments
What If We Do Nothing?
What's the Big Idea?