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Second Grade Patron Page





A note to parents...


Second grade students are encouraged to use library books and suggested web sites to pursue their own interests, as well as the topics covered in class.
Some topics are listed below:

Science (soil, sand, clay, humus, plant roots, worms, decomposers, life cycle of butterflies, balancing and weighing, scale)

Social Studies (rural, urban and suburban communities, maps, globes, landforms, map key, compass rose, map scale, cardinal directions N/S/E/W, intermediate directions NE/NW/SE/SW, town, state, country, continent, natural resources, needs and wants, community goods and services, citizenship, American flag, national/local/cultural holidays)

Math (Use the web sites listed above to practice math facts.)

Language Arts (Remember to always balance fiction and nonfiction reading. Books, magazines and web sites are great choices.)

Use the research web sites and databases (such as PebbleGo and World Book for Kids) above to explore these topics.
Usernames and passwords are available from Ms. Harmon

Some clip art from Clip Art Gallery

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