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Review what happened in the library in 2011-12...

June @ the Library


Get ready to dive into Summer Reading 2012!


animated boy reading underwaterThink about which books you might enjoy.
What authors, illustrators, characters, genres and series do you like?
Do you want to try something new?
Try to balance your fiction and nonfiction reading this summer.

Make a plan.
Review nonfiction topics from this year or preview topics for next year (Check out the student pages!)
• Buy books at the Scholastic Book Fair (June 4th – 8th in our school library)
Participate in our school library’s Summer Borrowing Program, permission slips will be sent home by June 8th.
• Join the Summer Reading Club at Guilderland Public Library. (Web page updated soon.) This summer's theme: Dream Big...READ!

Use online resources for stories, information and book suggestions.
TumbleBook Library (Read the books and play the games!)
GCSD’s Summer Reading web page
•  Print K-5 Summer Reading bookmark (A .pdf document to print and take to the store or library.)
Pine Bush Elementary School Library Catalog (Practice using our library catalog and its App this summer.)
Novelist K-8 (This is good resource for grades 2-5. It helps you learn about books that you might like. Username and password is on your Summer Reading bookmark.)

Read every day! Read books, magazines, comics, recipes, directions, labels, signs, grocery items, guidebooks, maps... anything you read is good practice and will help you continue to grow as a reader this summer!


May @ the Library


Our library catalog is now available as free app... Destiny Quest!

clip art of Destiny Quest app

Have your parents watch this YouTube video at home called, Learn about Destiny Quest Mobile, for step-by-step directions or read the directions listed below this video.


Students in grades 2-5 will be learning how to use the Destiny Quest App on our school's iPads.  It is available for the iPad, iTouch and iPhone, as well as Android smartphones.
If you would like to get a jump-start at home, do the following:

1. Go to the App Store(or Market) and search for Destiny Quest
2. Download and install the free app
3. Enter the URL: (keeping the "Basic" settings)
4. Enter the Username and Password that your were given in the library (new cards will be coming for students this week.)
5. Students are encouraged to explore, but please note that all holds and reviews will be sent to Ms. Harmon first. The reviews will become part of the library catalog and there is a format that we would like students to follow.
Click the buttons below for directions. NOTE: The Recommend feature is not available on this app.
6. More information to come in the library!

                                 image of Hold It! button         image of Review button


Two Local Nonfiction Authors Coming to Pine Bush on May 8th & 9th.

photo of author bulletin board

Ellen Senisi will be with K-3 students in the gym on Tuesday, May 8.
Lois Miner Huey will meet with 4-5th graders in the gym on Wednesday, May 9.

Click on the videos below to see student work inspired by Ellen Senisi.


Friendship: Our photo essay set to music.
from Miss Martiniano's 1st grade class



Pine Bush Nature.
from Emily C. from Ms. Doak's class



Helping Hands: Our photo essay set to music.
created during library classes



Summer Days: Our photo essay set to music.
created during library classes



Sweet Treats: Our photo essay set to music.
created during library classes



What's So Funny? Our photo essay set to music.
created during library classes



Click on the links below for full text magazine articles written by Lois Miner Huey.

Click on the link to make your own word search.

Wild Town (This article has a word search puzzle, make your own at

The Past is Present  (Try a word search that Ms. Harmon made to go with this article.)


Go to our Visiting Authors web page for more articles and learn more about these nonfiction authors.


The Puppet People are coming on May 10!


Puppet People logo

The Puppet People are a husband and wife team that make their own puppets, scenery and scripts. They travel to schools, festivals and theaters to share the fun and creativity of puppetry.
Visit their web-site to learn more about their production of The Firebird.
If you would like to know the story before they arrive, read an online version of the Russian folktale here, or a Reader's Theater (play) version here.


April @ the Library


Earth Day was April 22nd!


Celebrate all month with these resources from the library.


 Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Click on the title for an animation and activities to help you learn about taking care of our Earth!
Free from BrainPopJr.



Cover of April Click magazine


Reduce, reuse, recycle is also the April theme for Click Magazine for Kids web site. Visit the site to read stories, articles and play games.




View the Animoto video below for library nonfiction, fiction and picture books with
a "green" theme... then check them out!



Go green and be creative, too!

photo of crafty student

Avery has been using library books all year to get craft ideas. Ask her about the series, Green Projects for Resourceful Kids. She's made many "cool crafts" from jeans, plastic bottles and more! This is a photo of the pockets that she made for her locker.





March @ the Library


Two Local Nonfiction Authors Coming to Pine Bush this May

Each school year, the Pine Bush PTA helps us to celebrate authorship by bringing authors and illustrators to Pine Bush Elementary School to meet with our students.

Students are beginning to prepare for the following authors, Ellen Senisi (Grades K-3) and Lois Miner Huey (Grades 4-5.) Both authors write nonfiction books for children using some very special research skills and talents. Ellen Senisi is a photo-essayist and Lois Miner Huey is a historical archaeologist. Click here to learn more about them and to read some of their articles online.

 photo of Ellen Senisi      photo of Lois Miner Huey


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

clip art of birthday cake


Celebrate his birthday by checking out some of his many picture books and I Can Read Beginner chapter books in the library.


book cover image of The Boy on Fairfield Streetbook cover image of Dr. Seuss, Young Author and Artistbook cover image of The Seuss, The Whole Seuss and Nothing but the Seuss

We also have some biographies that older students and adults may enjoy.

Learn about his life and then re-read his stories to see if they have new meaning for you.


There are also so many fun games and activities at Have fun!



February @ the Library


image of PBE Destiny screen


Our staff and students are becoming very "self-empowered" in the library, thanks to our new library catalog and circulation system called, Follett Destiny. Besides searching for their library books, students are learning to do more things, like:

                      image of Hold It! button    image of Recommend button      image of Review button

Click on the buttons above for directions* that you can try with your own library account. (*.pdf documents.) Click your browser's back button to get back to this page.


January @ the Library


clip art of Happy New Year!

Many new things are happening this new year. Our library system has changed and students are learning all the new features and how to use it for their own needs (more information to follow.)

TumbleBooks can now be viewed on the iPad. Click the TumbleBooks for iPad link below to choose from the list of storybooks that are just for the iPad. The people at TumbleBook Library are working hard to make their entire collection available. If you don't have an iPad, you can still view their entire library collection by clicking the TumbleBooks link below.

clip art for TumbleBook iPadclip art for TumbleBookLibrary



December @ the Library


Read a New Book Month!


Our school library is unable to checkout library books to students during this holiday break, so here are a few books to enjoy online!
For the entire listing of books in the TumbleBook Library, click here.


cover of Lewis Cardinal book 

Gr. K-3

Click on the book cover to read the TumbleBook version of
Lewis Cardinal's First Winter. (4 minutes)
When you finish the story, do the TumbleBook Report, take the Quiz, and play the Games (Word Search and Puzzle.)
Be sure to close the window (X out) when the story is done to get back to the quiz and games page and then back to this page.



cover of Martin MacGregor book

Gr. K-3

Click on the book cover to read the TumbleBook version of
Martin MacGregor's Snowman. (7 minutes)
When you finish the story, do the TumbleBook Report, take the Quiz, and play the Games (Word Search, Word Find and Fill-in-the-blanks.)
Be sure to close the window (X out) when the story is done to get back to the quiz and games page and then back to this page.




cover of Wild League book

Gr. K-2

on the cover to read the TumbleBook version of the picture book,
Wild League on Ice
. (5 minutes)
When you finish the story, do the TumbleBook Report, take the Quiz, and play the Memory Game.
Be sure to close the window (X out) when the story is done to get back to the quiz and games page and then back to this page.




cover of Snow book

Gr. 1-4

Click on the cover to read the TumbleBook version of the nonfiction book, The Story of Snow.
When you finish the book, do the TumbleBook Report.
Be sure to close the window (X out) when the story is done to get back to the quiz and games page and then back to this page.



November @ the Library

In recognition of Election Day, students use hand-held "voters" to test their individual understanding of the tools and strategies they use while finding fiction books in the library. The questions focused on searching and browsing, library organization, authors, and genres. Assessments were designed for K-1, 2, 3 and 4-5. Examples of questions are in the screen snapshots below. (Dewey the Book Hound is helping us with our searching and browsing techniques!)

screenshot good listener


screen shot QuizABC


screenshot Quiz Genre


screenshot of QuizCreech




October @ the Library


Computer Learning Month

animated computer clip art

Students are learning how to be good citizens at school, on the bus and... online!
They are working on their own Digital Citizenship and it is similar to being a good citizen anywhere. There are rules created to keep you safe and there are responsibilities that each person has to make the online community the best that it can be.

K-2 Students are learning 3 important rules about going to online places safely:

Have your parent's permission or go online with an adult.
Only talk to people that you know (and be respectful!)
Go to web sites that adults say are okay.

3-5 Students are learning about staying safe and talking safely online using common sense.

Don't give out private information about yourself.

If something makes you uncomfortable, log out and tell a trusted adult.
Be respectful when talking or posting comments online and contribute with a purpose.

Check out our school's new character education web site & blog called
Pine Bush Elementary ... Success!
Find it online @


screen shot of PBESuccess web site


The web site is being created by the Pine Bush Elementary School Success Team as a tool to present, communicate, and reflect on character education activities that take place at our school.  It's a great place to practice kind and purposeful online communication.



Children's Magazine Month


Have you read a magazine lately? If not, come to the library and try one this month!

Magazines have so much to offer: stories, poems, plays, nonfiction articles, games, and craft ideas.

When you read a magazine use the table of contents to choose the articles that you want to read or just read the whole magazine from cover to cover.

We have so many kinds of magazines to choose from, too.
Just review the list below, come to the library and choose the magazine that is "just right" for you.

There are some magazine web sites where you can learn more and play online games:

Go to the Patron Pages list on the left
Click on your grade level
Look for the magazine links
Click on a magazine title an explore their web site.


Try a magazine this October, you'll like what you find!

        cover Appleseeds magazine   cover Calliope magazine   cover Ladybug magazine   cover NG Kids magazine   magazine image

The following magazines are available in our library to checkout for one week:

American Girl has stories, crafts, activities and advice for girls ages 8-12.

Appleseeds has non-fiction articles about reading and social studies topics for kids ages 7 to 9.

Calliope has world history articles for ages 9-14.

Click teaches about science and nature with fun characters, articles, and science activities for ages 3-6.

Cobblestone has stories, articles, timelines and activities about American history for ages 9-14.

Cricket has good story-writing and classic literature for kids ages 9-14.

Faces is great for learning about World Cultures, for children ages 9-14.

Kids Discover focuses on a science or social studies topic each month for ages 6-12.

Ladybug offers a mix of stories for children at different reading levels for ages 3-6.

Muse has history, science, and art information about the past and present for ages 9-14.

National Geographic Kids is a fact and graphics-filled magazine written for ages 6+.

Odyssey explores the newest topics in science for kids ages 10 to 15.

Ranger Rick has amazing facts, photos, and outdoor adventures about animals and nature for ages 8-12.

Spider has stories, poems, and articles written by children's authors for ages 6-9.

Sports Illustrated for Kids features sports news, games and interviews with athletes for ages 8+.

Stone Soup has creative writing, poetry and art, created by kids for kids ages 8-13.

Zoobooks focuses on a single animal each month through great photography, illustrations, diagrams, and writing for ages 6-12


National Pizza Month!


animated pizza clip art

To learn about the origin of National Pizza Month click here.
To find some family craft ideas to celebrate National Pizza Month
click here.

Check out these pizza-rific books from our school library!

641.8 KRE The pizza book : fun, facts, a recipe -- the works! Krensky, Stephen
641.5 JOH Grilled pizza sandwich and other vegetarian recipes Johnson, Kristi
641.5 SCH Banana split pizza and other snack recipes Schwartz, Heather E
513.2 DOB Pizza counting Dobson, Christina
513.2 KOO Fractions : making fair shares Koomen, Michele
398.21 STU The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza) Sturges, Philemon
PIC STE Pete's a pizza Steig, William, 1907-2003
ICR BER The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the sci-fi pizza Berenstain, Stan
FIC MAR The pizza pie slugger Marzollo, Jean 



September @ the Library


Library Program Overview - Open House 2011Presentation

Click the arrow below to play the video.



Come to the library to gather up some Fall titles!

girl raking leaves clip art

The leaves are just starting to change outside, but they have already changed to beautiful reds, yellows and oranges in these picture books. Check them out and fall into Fall!

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves PIC RAW
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf PIC EHL
Leaf Man PIC EHL
Peepers PIC BUN
Autumn Across America 508.73 SIM
When Autumn Comes 508 MAA
Leaf by Leaf: Autumn Poems 811.008


fletcher book cover    Leaf Man book cover    Autumn Across America book cover    Leaf By Leaf book cover

You can see other fall books buy visiting our online library catalog. Type autumn, apples, pumpkins, leaves or any other fall words into the search field and press subject to find books to enjoy this season.

Pine Bush library logo
Pine Bush Elementary School Library Catalog  Search our school library collection from the library, classroom or home!


Library Card Sign-Up Monthlibrary card ad

Don't forget to visit Guilderland Public Library for a very important school supply.. .a public library card. You will need it to check out library materials when you go there.

Our school does not require library cards to check out books, but a card will be sent home this month to help you keep track of your Pine Bush Elementary library books.


Some clip art from Clip Art Gallery