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Review what happened in the library in 2012-13...

June @ the Library


Scholastic Book Fair

book fair clip art


Enter our zip code 12303.
Find Pine Bush and click the More Details link.
Click Shop Now or See A Preview to see what will be at our fair.


Come to the library next week to preview and buy books for you summer reading!


Summer Reading To-Do List:clip art image of summer fun



  •  Review nonfiction topics from this year or preview topics for next year (Check out the student pages!)

  • Participate in our school library’s Summer Borrowing Program, permission slips will be sent home by June 7th. (Download slip here .pdf)


    GPL summer reading poster
  • Join the Summer Reading Club at Guilderland Public Library. (Web page updated soon.) This summer's theme: Dig Into Reading! (Click here for support resources.)

  • Use online resources for stories, information and book suggestions.
    - Free eBooks & audioboooks from BOCES using Overdrive with your Destiny library id (5 digit number)
    - TumbleBook Library (Read the books and play the games!)
    - GCSD’s Summer Reading web page
    - Pine Bush Elementary School Library Catalog (Practice using our library catalog and its App this summer. Use the Wish List button now, the Hold it! will be turned back on in late August.)
    - Novelist K-8 (This is good resource for grades 2-5. It helps you learn about books that you might like. Username and password is on your Summer Reading bookmark.)

  • Read every day! Read books, magazines, comics, recipes, directions, labels, signs, grocery items, guidebooks, maps... anything you read is good practice and will help you continue to grow as a reader this summer!


May @ the Library


 Using NoveList to Find Books that "Appeal" to You


NoveList K-8 web site

NoveList button                     PBE library catalog button       Pine Bush library logo 




NoveList K-8 is an online tool for finding titles of books to read.
(Sorry, you can't download or check-out from NoveList.)
*Type the title of a book that you already read to see what NoveList "lists" as an Author, Title or Series Read-alike for that book.
*Search by keyword, author, title or series or just browse the many booklists that the web site provides on the left.
*Click on a book title that you like, then select, copy and paste the title into our library catalog to see if you can get it there. You can also Wish List a title, if we don't have it in our library (See Please Hold the Holds section below)

NoveList K-8 uses the following Appeal Terms to help you quickly decide if you will like a book:
Storyline (plot): action-packed, character-driven, issue-oriented (problems), or world-building (cultures)
Pace (the rate the story goes): fast-paced or leisurely
Tone (mood): amusing, darkly humorous, funny, gross, hopeful, quiet, sad, sarcastic, etc.
Writing style (language/detail used): descriptive, persuasive, richly detailed, dialogue-rich, slang-heavy, thoughtful, etc.

Genres are listed to help you decide, too! Click the links above to try it.
Username and passwords are provided in the library or email Ms. Harmon


Please Hold the Holds!


As of May 23, the Hold It button has been turned off because we are getting ready for librarywish list button inventory and our Summer Borrowing program.
The library has turned on a new feature called the Wish List.
The Wish List button or Add to Wish List link allows logged-in patronswish list link to "wish for" or "persuade" the library to purchase a book to add to our library collection.

How to use Wish List:
Log in to our library catalog
Search for a title on the library catalog
If we don't have it, click the button or link and write a good reason why the library should have that book.


"L" is for Library


LibraryBook CoverIn this picture book, author Sonya Terry names library items that start with each letter of the alphabet AND makes the whole story rhyme! Use this form to see if you can do the same.
"L" is for Library Alphabet Page
You can also use this blank form to make your own alphabet page.
Blank Alphabet Page

Be creative... F is for Friends, H is for Home...


Dewey Decimal Ducks

Recently, a Tagxedo* Team from Mrs. Schaefer's class was working in the library and offered to make a nonfiction window display using our Dewey Ducks poster set. They got to work typing and correctly spelling all the topics that were listed for each of the ten Dewey Decimal Classification categories. They worked very hard proofreading, editing, selecting fonts/styles/colors and transferring screen prints to PowerPoint so they could add speech bubbles. They were very thorough and are now Pine Bush library's Tagxedo experts.

*Tagxedo = word clouds with style... go to the Tagxedo web site and create your own!


Tagxedo student photo 1 Tagxedo student photo 2

000s tagxedo image  photo of nonfiction window

(Our PTA has been providing subject-themed rubber ducks that will help students understand how nonfiction book topics are organized - new and better ducks are arriving for next year! Thank you Pine Bush PTA!)


April @ the Library


Celebrate National Library Week!

photo of poster


The library will be closed for testing a few mornings for the next two weeks.
You can still celebrate National Library Week
by accessing our library website and catalog online.
Our web page is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week!

Here are a few things to do:

  • Please return any overdue library materials... that will make your librarian and fellow patrons very happy!

  • Use the links on the left to access your grade level patron page

  • Read eBooks on our library catalog. Click on this link to see the Resource List "2012-13 eBooks."
    When the E symbol is green, click the Read It! button.
    When the e symbol is blue, click on the Details button, then click "Read the Capstone Interactive eBook now!" link

  • Click on this link Resource List "2012-13 New Books" to see the new books and put books on hold (that are 0 of 1 available) or ...

  • Log in to Destiny Quest and put book titles on your Bookshelf (Have Read, Now Reading or Want to Read)


Make-Believe Stories in Nonfiction?


Some people (kids & adults) are surprised to find out that folktales and fairy tales are shelved in the Nonfiction section of the library. That's because these stories are called, "Traditional Literature," which are stories that have been told for centuries - all around the world!

Students in grades 3-5 are getting ready for the ELA tests next week. Since the tests include informational text and fiction of all kinds, we are spending some time in the library reviewing these types of stories.clip art of Frog Prince

Traditional literature includes the following types of stories:

Mythology (292)
Fairy Tales (398.21)
Legends (398.22)
Tall Tales (398.22)
Folktales (398.23)
Fables (398.24
Nursery Rhymes (398.8)

(Dewey Decimal numbers are listed to help students find these stories in our library.)

Not sure if your favorite story is a folktale, fairy tale, tall tale or legend? World Book Online has a great article that describes the characteristics that can help you decide on your own:

"Literature for Children" article in World Book for Kids (easier to read)

"Literature for Children" article in World Book Student (more detailed)


Early World of Learning logo  Early World of Learning

World Book Online's Early World of Learning also has a great collection of traditional literature that you can listen to and read along with. Just click on Welcome to Reading and find the Story Corner to explore and enjoy. You may know more of the stories than you think!

screen shot of EWL


March @ the Library


Finding Encyclopedia Articles are as Easy as A-B-C


When learning about a topic - for research or your own interest - it's important to use more than one kind of resource.

Print Encyclopedias

An encyclopedia is a book or a set of books that have articles on many different topics, arranged in alphabetical order. The images below are cover images of four of our library's print encyclopedias found in our Reference section. Click on each cover image to see a diagram that will help you find the book (called a volume) that you will need for your topic. Read the guide letters on the spines of the books to locate your topic - alphabetically.  Students are welcome to use the Reference section to do research, take notes or request copies of articles. Reference books cannot be checked out.

OldHeinemann Cover      NewHeinemann Cover     RaintreeEnc Cover     WBEnc cover



Online Encyclopedias

Our library has subscriptions to the following online encyclopedias.


World Book Online logoWorld Book Online Suite  
Early Learning (K-1) World Book Kids (1-5)  Discover (3-5) and Student (4+) 
A great reference center for school and home use!
Username & password required.


Grolier Online for Kids logoGrolier Online for Kids (designed for researchers in grades 3-5) web site allows for keyword searches in the Grolier database and magazine articles, web sites, media, and feature news articles.
Access to this web site is provided through NovelNY.
Username & password required.


Search Type
The library catalog is the first place to start for finding books to take home.
Remember these searching tips:
Subject searches give you books that are mostly about your topic. (There may be less books to choose from but they are specifically about the topic.)
Keyword searches give you books that have your topic in them... somehow - even in the author's name! (There will be lots of books to choose from.)

Location Limit
Keep the Location set to Pine Bush if you need a book right now.
Change the Location to Elementary Schools or Guilderland District to get books from other schools.

Remember to make good choices from the results list - check page numbers, copyright date, reading level and summaries.


Research Strategy - Compare and Contrast


World Book for Kids logo  World Book for Kids

This version of the World Book online encyclopedia has a great feature in the World of Animals and Compare Places sections. In either section, you can pick an animal or a state/province/country/continent, click the Compare button to select another one and then click the Compare Now! button. Information on each topic is then displayed side by-side to make it visually easy to see their similarities and differences.

Tutorials are available in each section by clicking the i (information button.)


A venn diagram is a great tool to show what you know about the similarities and differences of  2 topics or concepts. You can create your own by drawing 2 circles - with 1 slightly overlapping the other. Put similarities in the part that overlaps and put the differences for each of the topics in the other non-overlapping parts. make sure that diagram is labeled correctly to make it easy to understand.

Here are some online venn diagram-creators to try: Venn Template

Read*Write*Think Interactive Venn Diagram

Kidspiration (software on school network laptops & computers)



February @ the Library


Free eBooks & Audiobooks for Home Use!


Browse        Checkout        Download


Free eBooks are available to Pine Bush library patrons through Capital Region BOCES.
Check out up to 3 books at a time using your Destiny library card number.
Download books to your home computer, iPad, smartphone or e-reader and they will automatically be returned when your time is up (7-14 days.)

To make the eBook process run more smoothly, make sure that you have the Overdrive  installed on your device first. Search for “Overdrive Media Console” at the App Store and click Install. During this installation, you will also be asked to register for a free AdobeID (You need to do that, too.)

To access ebooks from BOCES using your Pine Bush library card number:

1. Open your browser and go to
2. Click the Login link
From Library: Select Guilderland Central School District
Enter your library card number (or your 5 digit student ID number - which is your Destiny Username)
5. Click the Browse button to browse titles available by device or genre
6. Click on a book title, then depending on which device you have, click either the Kindle Add to Cart button or Adobe EPUB eBooks Add to Cart button for an available title. (The Place a Hold button means that it is not currently available and you will be put on the hold list.)
Click the Proceed to Checkout button and select 7 or 14 day lending period
8. Click the Confirm Checkout button until you get a Download button
Overdrive should open your eBook automatically
When reading in the Overdrive App, be sure to click the Edit button to Delete/Return if you finish before the loan period is up.


January @ the Library


January is Get Organized Month


If anything can inspire organization, it is the Dewey Decimal System!
Created by Melvil Dewey in 1876, the Dewey Decimal System is used in libraries to organize books by subjects to make it easier for library users to find what they need.

During library lessons, students learn how to navigate nonfiction using Dewey in many different ways: from books to hands-on activities and graphic organizers.

  cover of book    cover of book     cover of book 

photo of Dewey cards  photo of Dewey cards  screen print of Dewey chart


December @ the Library


Evaluating Magazines


photo of current magazines

Magazines have so much to offer: stories, poems, plays, nonfiction articles, games, and craft ideas.

When you read a magazine, use the table of contents to choose the articles that you want to read or just read the whole magazine from cover to cover.

We have so many kinds of magazines to choose from, too. Just review the list on the PBE Library Magazine web page, come to the library and choose the magazine that is "just right" for you.


cover Ladybug magazineOnce you select a magazine, you should evaluate it - learn what makes it a good magazine. Use the Evaluating Magazines Form (.pdf) while you explore a magazine. It will help you notice all the that magazine has to offer and get you to think more carefully about using the magazine in the future.



Order in the Libraryclip art of bookshelf


Last month we learned that comic strips are called "sequential art", meaning art that is read in sequence or "in order." The library is another place where you can find items in sequence - put in that order to make it easier for library patrons (YOU!) to find what you need on the shelves.

Test your skills in this online game...
Only enter your First Name and only the first initial of your Last Name. (They do not need to know your full name.)
Start with Sorting Activity first and then work your way up through all the levels.

Order in the Library Online Game



November @ the Library


 Author/Illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka Coming to Pine Bush!


photo of Jarrett Krosoczka

Our PTA is happy to bring Jarrett Krosoczka to our school on December 4 to meet with all of our students. Jarrett is the award-winning author of the Lunch Lady graphic novel series, Baghead, Goodnight Monkey Boy, the Punk Farm books and more!

The library has already borrowed copies of his books from the other schools in our district and they will be on display by the library bulletin board.
Come to the library to check them out.
Please do not place his books on "Computer Hold." (It may not work correctly.)


Lost your Book Order form? Click here to print a copy. (.pdf)


Go to his web site to learn all about his life, his books, see his sketchbook, watch videos, learn songs, and find activities to help you get ready for his visit.


Interested in cartooning and writing graphic novels?
Check out these books from our school library

image of library bookimage of library book image of library bookimage of library book


Learn more from Scholastic Art Magazine Special Issue: The Art of Cartooning


clip art of Lunch LadyPuzzles (in .pdf format):


Comic Strip Vocabulary X-Word

Comic Strip Vocabulary Word Search

Lunch Lady Word Search






October @ the Library


Computer Learning Month

poster image CyberSmart event

Who: Guilderland District Librarians
What: present an interactive evening event on the topic of Digital Citizenship
When: Thursday, October 25, 2012 from 6:30 pm - 8: 00 pm
Where: FMS Learning Center (upstairs)
Why: Students and parents are invited to get Cyber Smart by taking part in a pretend chat room, learning how to use your online library catalog account, or  participating in safe searching and digital literacy activities.

Click here to learn more.


Our Library Catalog: Internet & App


This school year, students in grades 2-5 will be learning how to use the school's library catalog to conduct different kinds of searches for books, websites and online articles, place holds, manage their accounts, and write recommendations and reviews of our library materials.

To use our school library catalog on the Internet at home:

Screenshot of Internet Version

 1. Open your Internet browserimage of library catalog screen
2. Go to
3. Click on the tab for Pine Bush Elementary
4. Click on the Library link on the left
5. Click on the Library catalog link on the left
6. Click on the Login button on the top right
7. Enter your User Name and password
8. Click My Info tab to check your account
9. Click Catalog tab to search for books
10. Remember to only Hold items that are not
currently available.


To use our school library catalog App, Destiny Quest:

clip art of Destiny Quest app

The Destiny Quest App  is available for the iPad, iTouch and iPhone, as well as Android smartphones. Students will be learning how to use it on our school's iPads this month.
If you would like to use at home, do the following:
1. Go to the App Store(or Market) and search for Destiny Quest
2. Download and install the free app
3. Enter the URL: (keeping the "Basic" settings)
4. Enter the Username and Password that your were given in the library (new cards will be coming for students this month.)
5. Students are encouraged to explore, but please note that all holds and reviews will be sent to Ms. Harmon first. The reviews will become part of the library catalog and there is a format that we would like students to follow.
Students will be instructed on this feature in library classes. NOTE: The Recommend and Visual Search features are not available on this app.
6. More information to come in the library!


Comparing & Contrasting Recommendations and Reviews


Students in grades 4 & 5 worked in groups to learn the different characteristics of a book recommendation and a book review. They learned that there are certain things both must have, certain characteristics are specific to one, and there is some "wiggle room" that patrons have in order to make their recommendation or review the best that it can be! The correctly completed Venn diagram is shown below.

image of RecRevVenn lesson


September @ the Library


Welcome back to school!


I hope that everyone had a great summer. I can't wait to hear about all the great books that you read. This year many students will be learning how to use our library catalog to recommend books to friends (and teachers) and how to write a book review in order to help students make informed choices.

                          image of Recommend button      image of Review button

Watch for the signs!

There are some new signs posted in the hallways outside the library that will help students to remember what kind of week it is in the library.

Exchange Week signExchange Week


The exchange week sign signals whole class book exchange.
Students should remember to return library materials, in order to get more during their scheduled 30 minute weekly library class.
Students in grades 1-5 may have up to 5 library materials (books, magazines, or readalongs) checked out to their account.
Kindergarten students may have up to 2 items.

During Exchange Week, students can:

~browse the library bookshelves and displays

~search for books using the library catalog and Dewey signs

~get help from their teacher, the librarian and each other!

Lesson WeekLesson Week sign

The lesson week sign signals that students will have a 30 minute lesson during their weekly library time. Lessons vary by grade level, and will focus on library skills, literature appreciation and digital literacy skills. Lessons may include direct instruction and  hands-on activities with books, voters, ipads, and laptops.

There may not be time to checkout books during a lesson, but students can ask their classroom teacher to come to the library at another time during the week when Ms. Harmon doesn't have a class scheduled.

Weekly library schedule.


Dewey Ducks are coming to the library!

Thanks to the generosity of the Pine Bush PTA, students will be learning how nonfiction books are grouped by subject using the Dewey Decimal System... in a new way!
Watch the following video to see some of the Dewey Ducks that will be "quacking students up" in the library!


Review the 2011-12 school year in the library...

Some clip art from Clip Art Gallery