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Review what happened in the library 2013-14...

June @ the Library


Our Summer Borrowing Program has begun!clip art of reading with fish

Permission slips were sent home on June 6th.
(Click on the Permission slip link to print another copy.)

Students may borrow books until the last day of school. Please note: All books borrowed during the school year must be returned in order to borrow books for the summer.

Click to download Suggested Summer Reading bookmarks (listed by grade level groupings.) Bring this list to the Guilderland Public Library this summer for reading ideas.
More information about their summer programming coming soon!


image of Book Fair logo

Thank you for shopping at the Scholastic Book Fair and supporting our school's library!





May @ the Library


Summer Reading Plans

image of NYPL summer reading poster

  • Review nonfiction topics from this year or preview topics for next year.
    Check out the student patron pages!

  • Participate in our school library’s Summer Borrowing Program.
    Permission slips will be sent home by June 6th.

  • Join the Summer Reading Club at Guilderland Public Library. (Web page updated soon.) This summer's theme: Fizz! Boom! Read!
    Check out fun stuff for kids!

  • Register for Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge image of Schalostic Reading Challenge logo Read. Log minutes. Earn rewards!

  • Use online resources for stories, information and book suggestions.

    logo for TumbleBook Library
    Read the books and play the games!

    image of Overdrive logoFree eBooks & audioboooks with your Destiny library id (5 digit number)

    Opens Destiny OPAC @ PBE
    Practice using our library catalog this summer.
    Use Destiny Quest.
    Use the Wish List button now, the Hold it! will be turned back on in late August.
    Use Resource Lists to get book suggestions for your grade level.

    logo of NoveList K-8This is good resource for grades 3-5. It helps you learn about books that you might like to find in a library or bookstore.
    Username and password will be on your Summer Reading bookmark.


  • Read every day! Read books, magazines, comics, recipes, directions, labels, signs, grocery items, guidebooks, maps... anything you read is good practice and will help you continue to grow as a reader this summer!


Library Surveys for students in grade 2-5image of clipboard

It's been a busy year in the library!
Please select the survey for your grade level and complete it on your own.
Your input will help Ms. Harmon make decisions in the library about buying books, designing lessons and setting up patron web pages.

Library Survey Grades 2 & 3

Library Survey Grades 4 & 5



image for Children's Book Week

Celebrate Children's Book Week!


Children's Book Week -- May 12-18, 2014

Children's Book Week is all about celebrating your favorite books, authors, and illustrators! From comics to mysteries, from magic to can find anything between the pages of a book!

Visit the Kids web site for puzzles, story starters, voting and a bookmark.



Celebrate your own favorite book with a Destiny Recommendation or Review!


thumbnail image of Recommendation-Review-Comment graphic organizer

Many students in grades 2+ have used our Destiny library catalog to recommend our library books to their friends, classmates and teachers. There are also students that have been using Destiny Quest who have commented on their friends bookshelf changes (Have Read, Now Reading, and Want to Read.)


Graphic Organizer

Now that we are getting more familiar with everything that we can do on our library catalog, older students will be writing book reviews during library classes. These book reviews will become a permanent part of our catalog, so they must be written with care (spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalization counts!)

Click on the graphic organizer to understand the differences between reviews, recommendations and comments.

Click the buttons below for directions in .pdf format.

image of Review button image of Recommend button


April @ the Library

Nonfiction + Fiction = Paired Text


                      image of book cover  +  image of book cover  = Paired Text


Read Paired Texts to:
Get excited about learning & remember more
Develop background knowledge
Improve your comprehension
Increase your vocabulary
Improve your thinking skills
Enhance your own writing
Read good stories & learn cool facts
Practice your searching skills in the library! (Especially Power Searching! See below.)

List adapted from:
Camp, D. (2006). Pairing fiction & nonfiction: Strategies to build comprehension in the content areas.
New York City, NY: Scholastic.



Power Search your way to a "Paired Text..."

PowerSearchFunnelPoster (.pdf) 

image of Power Search Funnel 

Use this planner to help you find Paired Texts with our Power Search tab of our library catalog

My Paired Text planner on  ______________ (insert topic here.)

1. Open PBE Research Page
2. Open Library Catalog
3. Login (in case you want to hold a book)
4. Select Catalog tab
5. Select Library Search
6. Learn to Power Search
a. Change menu to Subject
b. Enter your topic
c. Limit Location to Pine Bush Elementary
d. Limit Call Number (PIC to PIC, FICO to FICO, FIC to FIC, or 000 to 999)
e. Select a title to evaluate the summary & reading level and then try the Explore! (Find It! hyperlinks) to find a different book
f. Go to Search Results “breadcrumb”
g. Tap the Refine your search link and make changes (switch the location: Guilderland CSD)
h. Evaluate results and Hold It! or find on shelf.




March @ the Library


Do you know your genres? image of Genre Classification poster


Stories that present a series of exciting events; often involves a journey, danger or survival are called, Adventure stories. Realistic Fiction are stories that are set in today’s real world and focuses on problems and issues of today. Test your knowledge of fiction genres that are found in our library's Fiction Section (chapter books). Use either of the tables below and pair it with the Fiction Classification poster. Each book in our fiction section has one classification label on it's spine. Some books are multi-genre, so the stronger or dominant genre was used. If you think we should change one - let Ms. Harmon know!

Fiction Classification Label poster (.pdf)

Fiction Genre Table-Older (.pdf)          Fiction Genre Table-Younger (.pdf)


Use your genre-knowledge to find more books with NoveList K-8!

Follow these steps to use NoveList K-8 database with our library catalog.

Opens Destiny OPAC @ PBE    logo of NoveList K-8   

Open PBE Library Research Page
Open our library catalog
Login to your library account
Select the PBE Research Page Tab
Scroll down and open NoveList K-8
User ID: (see Ms. Harmon)
Password: (see Ms. Harmon)
Choose a genre from the list on the right
Review results, read summaries & find a book that you like
Click on the title link for the book
Click Check the Library Catalog (you will be switching to a new tab)
If the book is not at Pine Bush, click the Refine your search link to change the Location: Guilderland Central School District
If another school has the book, Hold It! and it will be delivered to your classroom
If no school has it, click the Wish List button (or Add to Wish List link) and Ms. Harmon will
consider buying it for our library next year
Logout of library catalog when you are done.


February @ the Library


Have you read a TumbleBook lately?logo for TumbleBook Library


TumbleBookLibrary is an online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach children the joys of reading in a format they love.
Our school has access to over 550 titles which include animated talking picture books, books in English, French and Spanish, read-alongs, non-fiction books and National Geographic Videos, as well as educator resources such as lesson plans, quizzes and educational games and puzzles (with K-3 connections to the Common Core.).
The full collection can be seen best on computers, but you can also access some of the books on tablets or other mobile devices (the site will automatically adjust depending on your device.)

Click on the TumbleBookLibrary logo above for access.
(The link is also on Research and Grade Level pages.)

screen print of TumbleSearch box


Try a keyword search in the TumbleSearch box.


screen print of TumbleBook menu




Click on a menu item for a list of TumbleBooks in that section.


Click on a cover for a suggestion for each grade level: 

image of TumbleBook cover
image of TumbleBook cover 
First Grade
image of TumbleBook cover
Second Grade 
image of TumbleBook cover
image of TumbleBook cover 
Fourth Grade
image of TumbelBook cover 
Fifth Grade


Destiny Catalogscreen print of our library catalog

To use our library catalog at home, please click on the Catalog link on the left or visit the grade level patron pages for second through fifth grade.
Training on our library catalog begins in second grade at Pine Bush Elementary.
Kindergarten and 1st graders are learning how to browse the library sections and search for books using signs and other tools.
Students should login to the catalog using their Student Id for the UserName and the last 2 digits of that Student Id number for their Password.

2nd graders learned to search on the catalog and make good decisions about books and web sites that are the best choice for their needs.
We compared subject and keyword searches for soil and earthworms.
Ms. Harmon explained how to decide which books and web sites are best for second graders by reading the information about the items (i.e., summary, reading level, interest level, page numbers, illustrations, etc.)siol clip art made by student
2nd graders found web sites by clicking on a book title for details
and then looking for the WebPathExpress buttons for the
subjects: soil and earthworms.

Some good web sites found are listed on the Second Grade page under the links they used for their Space unit (look for this soil picture.)


3rd and 4th graders learned how to Add Lists to theirscreen print of Destiny Add List personal Resource Lists in Destiny.
(click on the thumbnail to see a Resource List screen.)
Students logged into their Destiny accounts and created lists to help them with their current research. 3rd graders found interactive web sites to help then learn about giant pandas and 4th graders found sites that will help them learn about 4th grade science topics.

Click on the links below to see their favorites:

3rd Grade image for design a panda habitat web siteDesign a panda habitat

4th grade
Science Links
image of water cycle interactive
Water Cycle Interactives
image for matter interactives
Matter Interactives
image for electricity interactives
Electricity Interactives
screen print for Forces and Motion Interactives
Forces & Motion Interactives


January @ the Library

Ready Referencephoto of Reference section in library

Reference books are great tools for gathering information for school work and your own curiosity.

These books are
kept in their own section of the library and may not be checked out (but we can make copies for you, when needed.)

Most of the information in these books is arranged in alphabetical order, so they are easy books to go to for a quick answer!
You just need to know your ABCs and the purpose of each type of reference book.

Learn about each reference book's purpose from these examples... 

What does the word sedimentary mean? Try a dictionary for definitions, pronunciations, correct spellings and parts of speech.
Where did Harriet Tubman live? Use an encyclopedia to learn about important people and their contributions to history and the world.
Where is Sochi, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics? Go to an atlas to locate cities and countries on maps and learn about the geography of the area.



Students will be spending time in the Reference sectionphoto of dictionaries this month... 

2nd graders will navigate nonfiction and use the encyclopedia to learn about Outer Space concepts.
Download the SpaceOPAC lesson about reading search results on the Destiny library catalog. (.pdf file)

3rd graders will review dictionaries and how to use guide words.
(Thanks to the Elks Lodge for their special gift.)

photo of encyclopedias
4th graders will use print and online encyclopedias to research the 2014 Winter Olympics.

5th graders will use online and print dictionaries, encyclopedias, databases, atlases and other special reference books to learn about geography terms or courageous people.


Reach for a Reference book, they are always here for you!


December @ the Library


New research tools from New York State!

NOVELNY has replaced the databases Primary Search, Searchasaurus, and Kids’ Search with Kids InfoBits, and eLibrary Elementary.

A database is "a usually large collection of data organized especially for rapid search and retrieval (as by a computer)"



Our library catalog is a database, so is an online dictionary, encyclopedia or even TumbleBooks Library and BrainPOP.
There are limited* amounts of items to find at these resources and you use a search tool to find what you want.
Knowing this should help you remember that *each database does not have everything, but if you learn to be a good researcher and have access to many databases, you should be able to find what you need!


Logo for Kids InfoBits web siteKids InfoBits is a database created for students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. “It features a developmentally appropriate, visually graphic interface, a subject-based topic tree search and full-text, age-appropriate, curriculum-related magazine, newspaper and reference content for information on current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history, sports and more” (Kids InfoBits, 2013).

Click on the picture to view this tutorial:

screen print of KidsInfobits tutorial


logo for eLibrary ElementaryeLibrary Elementary is “the ultimate elementary full-text reference resource — tailors all the media types and search functionality of eLibrary for the young reader and researcher. It’s an easy-to-use general reference database designed specifically to engage and guide younger students” (eLibrary Elementary, 2013).

Click on the picture to view this tutorial:

screen shot of tutorial

Click on the link for our Online Research Page to try them out!



November @ the Library


Grace Lin illustrated TumbleBooks

Book Order Form.pdf  (Orders due in school by Tuesday, November 12th.)

Click the images below to view the TumbleBook versions of these Grace Lin illustrated books. We have many copies of her other books available for checkout in the library now!

image of book cover image of book cover

Round is a Mooncake

Red is a Dragon

Making Music digital lesson plan from Storyworks web site.

Making Music - original fiction found in StoryWorks, Jan. 2012.(Available through eLibrary)

Grace Lin Author Spotlight from StoryWorks, Jan. 2012.(Available through eLibrary)


October @ the Library


Visiting Author Program: Grace Linimage of ebook cover


Each school year, the Pine Bush PTA helps us to celebrate authorship by bringing authors and illustrators to Pine Bush Elementary School to meet with our students.

This school year, all students will be meeting Newbery Honor author and illustrator Grace Lin on Tuesday, December 3rd.

Books orders will be available soon. Copies of her  books are available to borrow from the library.

Grace Lin is the author and illustrator of picture books, early readers and middle grade novels. Grace's 2010 Newbery Honor book WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON was chosen for Al Roker's Today Show Kid's Book Club and was a NY Times Bestseller. LING & TING, Grace's first early reader, was honored with the Theodor Geisel Honor in 2011. An Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award nominee for the US, most of Grace's books are about the Asian-American experience because she believes, "Books erase bias, they make the uncommon everyday, and the mundane exotic. A book makes all cultures universal." See more about Grace and her work at

Many ways to learn about her:image of author's web site

Grace Lin biography ebook

Grace Lin's web site

Video Getting Published

Video Best Friends

Video Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Book trailer Ling and Ting Share a Birthday

Book trailer Dumpling Days

The Grace Lin page on
Password may be needed, see Online Resources bookmark.


The Books of Grace Lin


Picture Book Activities and Web Sites to Extend Learning
image of book cover Grace Lin's Lesson image of book cover How to Write a Haiku
image of book cover Grace Lin's Lesson image of book cover Easy Origami

Exploring Origami

Origami for Kids to Make
image of book cover Grace Lin's Lesson

Chinese Kites
image of book cover Grace Lin's Lesson

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year for Kids
image of book cover Grace Lin's Lesson

Fortune Cookie Favors
image of book cover Grace Lin's Lesson

Moon Festival


Chapter Books
Image of book coverGrace Lin's Lesson image of book coverGrace Lin's lesson
Image of book coverGrace Lin's Lesson image of book coverGrace Lin's Lesson
Image of book coverGrace Lin's Lesson Image of book cover



Cyber Smart: Succeeding in a Digital World Workshops

Animoto Video of the Event



To Pine Bush Parents:image of CyberNight poster
A series of interactive workshops is being offered by district librarians for Guilderland Central School District families. The event will take place on Thursday, October 17 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the Farnsworth Middle School library. The sessions are designed to heighten awareness of Internet safety and to learn how to use features of the Internet more effectively for all age ranges.  Prizes and refreshments will be provided. For more information, contact your child's librarian.

Click here for a copy of the brochure in PDF.


Let's Get Ready for the Learning Fair!Pine Bush Learnig Fair logo

Click here for information about the Learning Fair that will be held in the gym on Wednesday, November 20th.

Important forms:
Information Form to Participate .pdf
Parent Volunteers .pdf

Not sure about a topic? Explore these web sites below to see if a topic sparks an interest in you:

Brain POPJr logo BrainPOP logo
logo for Grolier Online Kids logo for World Book Kids web site




Reading Suggestions for Grades 1-5

Once a month during Exchange Week, we will be having 5 minute book talks about 5 titles for grades 1 - 5 (5 in 5). Click on the grade level pages to see a running history of each month's booktalk.

clip art of five finger  in  clip art of cartoon 5

5 Recommendations in 5 Minutes
Grade New this Year Oldie
but Goodie
this Author!
Nonfiction Magazine
1 book cover imageEleanor Won't Share
book cover image
Whose Mouse Are You?

Todd Parr book cover imageMaking Choices
170 PAR
magazine cover image

2 book cover image
Al Pha's Bet

book cover image
Song of the Swallows
Bob Graham book cover imageDiggin' Dirt
577.5 TRO
magazine cover image

3 book cover image
Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie
book cover image

Robin Pulver An Online Visit to North America (series)
025.06 HOV
magazine cover image
Arts and Science for Kids
4 book cover
The Luck of the Buttons

book cover image

The Whipping Boy
book cover image
The Attractive Truth about Magnetism
538 SWA
book cover image
Appleseeds: Explore Your World
5 book cover imageSplendors and Glooms FIC book cover image
Island of the Blue Dolphins

Rebecca Stead Mythlopedia:
What a Beast!

292 KEL
magazine cover image


September @ the Library


Welcome back to school!



animated graphic of Thinking CapLet's get our thinking caps on
and get ready to learn (and read!)


Click on the link below to see this year's library schedule. 

Weekly library schedule






Watch for the signs!

Lesson Week

image of lesson week sign

Lesson week = 30 minute lesson.
Lessons vary by grade level and will focus on library skills, literature appreciation and digital literacy skills. Lessons may include direct instruction and  hands-on activities with books, iPads, and laptops.

There may not be time to checkout books during a lesson, but students can ask their classroom teacher to come to the library at another time during the week when Ms. Harmon doesn't have a class scheduled.


Exchange Weekimage of exchange week sign

Exchange week = whole class book exchange.
You have to return your library books in order to get more!
Students in grades 1-5 may have up to 5 library materials (books, magazines, or readalongs) checked out to their account.
Kindergarten students may have up to 2 items




International Dot Day!


imge of the book, The DotFriday, September 15th is International Dot Day. It is a celebration of Peter H. Reynolds children's story, The Dot.

The story is about a young girl,  Vashti, who believes that she cannot draw. Her art teacher's encouragement leads her to change her mind. The story celebrates self-confidence, art and school life. Click on the cover to enjoy the TumbleBook version of The Dot!

Visit Peter Reynolds website to learn more about the author and his books

Review the 2012-13 school year in the library...

Some clip art from Clip Art Gallery