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Review what happened in the library 2014-15...

June @ the Library


Summer Reading 2015 - Get Hooked on Books!


animated scuba clip art


Make a plan.
Review nonfiction topics from this year or preview topics for next year (Check out the Patron Pages for your grade levels!)
Enjoy your books from the Scholastic Book Fair. Thank you for supporting this great PTA event!
Participate in our school library’s Summer Borrowing Program, permission slips will be sent home on June 8th.
Join the Summer Reading Club at Guilderland Public Library.
This summer's theme:
Every Hero has a Story! has a great booklist with stories about heroes of all kinds.

Use online resources for stories, information and book suggestions.
TumbleBook Library (Read the books and play the games!)
GCSD’s Summer Reading web page
Pine Bush Elementary School Library Catalog (Practice using our library catalog and update your Destiny Quest bookshelves this summer.)
NoveList K-8 (This is good resource for grades 3-5. It helps you learn about books that you might like. Username and password is on your Summer Reading bookmark.)

Read every day!
Read books, magazines, comics, recipes, directions, labels, signs, grocery items, guidebooks, maps... anything you read is good practice and will help you continue to grow as a reader this summer!


Library Surveys for students in grade 2-5image of clipboard

It's been a busy year in the library!
Please select the survey for your grade level and complete it on your own.
Your input will help Ms. Harmon make decisions in the library about buying books, designing lessons and setting up patron web pages.

Library Survey Grades 2 & 3

Library Survey Grades 4 & 5





May @ the Library


The Scholastic Book Fair is here from June 1st-4th!
(Online fair runs through June 10th.)

Show your parents what is at the fair by clicking on the image below. They can even place orders online and the items will be delivered to the school.

image of book fair logo

Once opened, click the Shop Now button to see everything that is at the fair.



clip art of Spirit Week banner

The votes are in and the days have been selected by you!

Spirit Schedule for May 11-15, 2015

Monday- PJ Day
Tuesday- Crazy hat or hair Day
Wednesday- Sports/ACES Day
Thursday- Twin Day
Friday- Spirit Friday (to end the week celebrating Pine Bush Elementary!)

screenprint of chart


Pine Bush student to see live birds of prey
with special thanks to our PTA!

logo for Wildlife Institute

Students will meet them on Wednesday in the Gym. We are hoping to see a few different owls, a hawk and a falcon. If you want to learn more about these amazing creatures, click on the Wildlife Institute image above, come to the library to checkout books or magazines, or try the new website listed below DKFindout.

logo for DKFindout website


April @ the Library


Tree Poetry for Arbor Day

image of bookcover


After reading the book, Our Tree Named Steve, by Alan Zweibel, second graders were inspired to write a poem about the tree outside their classroom window. Since Arbor Day is a time to reflect on the importance trees have in our lives, they wanted to share some poet-tree with you.




photo of students


The Tree by Keegan

The leaves of a tree
are as green
as grazing green grass
or the sprout
of Mother Nature.

The Tree Poem by Riley

Steve is neat
so is his friend Pete.
They both like the green leaves
because they're neat too.

Do you like them, too?
Aren't they cool just like you
and everybody, too?

Steve by Jorell

My tree has a name
his name is Steve.
He waves to me every day
and tells me where to hide
and if I get in a fight he will help me.

A Conversation with a Tree by Lynsey

Hello there, I didn't notice you climbing me
but I did feel my branches.
They are strong so I can lift you.

My name is Ella,
what is your name?
My name is Mia,
can we be friends?

Leaves on the Tree by Tessa

At Spring the buds come out
they look like a flower.
In Summer the leaves turn green
the birds make nests.
In Fall the leaves turn brown
and die.

Our Tree by Kyra

My class tree is named Jewels.
Sometimes her skin
rips off when it's Spring.
She gets so excited when she grows leaves.
They make her beautiful.
When the flowers grow
it looks so pretty.

photo of tree





Celebrate National Library Week April 13-17th, 2015!

image of National Library Week poster


Strengthen your library skills with these online library games!
Click on each image below to play games about the parts of a book and how they are organized in the library. There is even a funny (and fast) memory game!

If you are ever asked to enter a full name to play a game, just use the name "Library Student."
Do not use your real full name on the Internet.


screenprint of Library Learning Games screenprint of Flood! library game  screenprint of Parts of a Book game
screenprint of Order in the Library game  screenprint of Shelver! game screenprint of Lightning Librarian game




February @ the Library


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Get ready to celebrate his March 2nd birthday by celebrating his books, characters, movies and life. Check out his biographies from the library and read articles about him with our databases (World Book, Grolier, Kids InfoBits and eLibrary.)


Click the image above to learn which Dr. Seuss character you might share qualities with.


Dr. Seuss Character Quiz from Seussville logo


screenprint of Gerald McBoing Boing

Dr. Seuss won an Oscar for this movie. Click on the image to watch.
Does it remind you of another one of his characters?



January @ the Library

clip art image of New Year

Many people make resolutions (goals or promises) for the new year... in case your resolution is to read more or to try new things, look below for some tools to help you in the library.

Something-New Book Wheels

Before you spin a wheel, commit to reading a new genre or format of book. Promise to read what the wheel lands on! (At least give it a New Year's try...)

Browse the labels on the book spines or search on the library catalog to locate a "new to you" book in the FICTION, NONFICTION and PICTURE BOOK sections.

Click on the wheel images to use them.

Picture Books Fiction Nonfiction
image of picture book wheel screenprint of custom wheel image of nonfiction wheel




Find books that appeal to you with NoveList K-8!

NoveList K-8 is a national database that you allows you to browse lists or target (narrow) a search to find books that interest you.

The following posters and videos can help you understand how to narrow your searches:

Target Your Search with Appeals (.pdf)                Follow the Appeal (.pdf)

Target Your Search with Appeals-blank (.pdf)                Follow the Appeal-blank (.pdf) 

image of NoveList Appeal Term booklet
Look for this booklet in the library computer section.

What Makes a Good Book Recommendation? Video on YouTube

NoveList: Finding Books Using Appeal Video on YouTube

If you log in to Destiny before using NoveList K-8, you can Hold or Wish List the book by clicking the Check the Library Catalog button. (Directions below)

Explore these features of NoveList K-8:

Browse Lists & Articles on top menu or Recommended Reads List on left side for suggestions.

Click Spotlight On... Award Winners to find prize-winning stories.

Search by Keyword, Title, Author or Series and then refine your search by genre, appeal terms (storyline, pace, tone, writing style, or illustration) subject and/or location. 

Directions for using the NoveList K-8 database with our library catalog.

Opens Destiny OPAC @ PBE    logo of NoveList K-8   

1. Open PBE Library Research Page
2. Open our library catalog and log in (You must do this to place Holds!)
3. Go back to the PBE Research Page tab
4. Open NoveList K-8  (User ID & Password - see bookmark or Ms. Harmon)
5. Search or browse, then refine with a genre or appeal term from the menu on the right (Limit to Ages 9-12 and press Update Results button)
6. Click on the title of the book for more details
7. Click Check the Library Catalog (you will be switching to a new tab)

When in Destiny:
If the book is not at Pine Bush, click Refine Your Search 
& change Location: Guilderland Central School District
If another school has the book, click Hold It! button
If no school has it, click the Wish List button (or Add to Wish List link)
and Ms. Harmon will consider buying it for our library next year
Logout of Destiny when done.

8. Go back to the NoveList K-8 tab to continue searching
9 Click Exit when done.


December @ the Library


Learn about Winter with Brain Pop Jr. ... for free!

screen shot of BrainPopJr free resource

We have a school-wide subscription to Brain Pop & Brain Pop Jr. that can be accessed during school hours from our Research Page or grade-level Patron Pages (students know the username & password.)
However, to celebrate the season, Brain Pop Jr. is providing free access to the following educational movies and activities. Click on the Movie of the Week image above for links to the following movies: Arctic Habitats, Hibernation, Migration, Seasons, Winter and Winter Holidays.


Exploring Book Information

When you click on a title in Destiny, the Explore! sectionOpens Destiny OPAC @ PBE contains links to other books and
websites related to the title. These links can help you find what you want or point you to other interesting resources like:

Subjects covered in the book
• Other books written by the same author
• Other books illustrated by the same illustrator
• Books in the same series
• Related websites

Click Find it! button for books in our library. Click WebPath Express button for websites.

Students is Grades 3-5 explored the Explore! section of Kate Messner's books prior to her visit. It was a great way to see the variety in her writing topics and become aware of how much research she must have done to write them!

Explore! Kate Messner's Books for Grade 3 (.pdf)

Explore! Kate Messner's Books for Grades 4 & 5 (.pdf)


November @ the Library


Author Kate Messner Visiting Soon!

Learn about her at





Award-winning author, Kate Messner, will be visiting our school on Tuesday December 16th. She has books for all ages - picture books, chapter books and a nonfiction book (with more on the way!) She will be speaking to students about the journey a story takes to become a book. Kate will also be giving writing advice while talking about her own books and experiences as an author and teacher.


Go to Destiny and click on Resource Lists (Public) Opens Destiny OPAC @ PBE
Author Visit: Kate Messner

Check out her books that we have in the library,
as well as other books and online resources (to help you learn about the books' topics) through the Explore! links for each book and OneSearch.



screenprint of Overdrive's Kate Messner books 
Click image to see a larger view.

Nine of Kate Messner's books are available as eBooks or audiobooks through your Overdrive account. Click on the eBooks & Audiobooks link on the left for directions about how to download them onto your personal mobile devices.


Learn about the Kate Messner on, a great resource logo for TeachingBooks.entabout books and authors, available to our school from Capital Region BOCES.

Lesson Ideas:

Mentor Text Ideas for Over and Under the Snow  (web site)

Christopher Silas Neal on Illustrating Over and Under the Snow  (web site)

Discussion Guide for Marty McGuire (.pdf)

Mentor Text Discussion for Marty McGuire  (web site)

Mentor Text Discussion for Marty McGuire Digs Worms!  (web site)

Kate Messner talks about Capture the Flag  (video)

Teaching & Discussion Guide for Capture the Flag (.pdf)

Teaching & Discussion Guide for The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. (.pdf)

Discussion Guide for Sugar & Ice (.pdf)

Discussion Guide for Eye of the Storm (.pdf)


Picture Books: From Topic to Author's Message



Click the table for a printable page.image of PIC label sign

Picture books are enjoyed by young children to adults - sometimes in different ways. Beginning readers enjoy the story's topic, characters, plot and illustrations, while more advanced readers may notice more details about the text and illustrations and uncover the author's message or the BIG idea behind the story.

Many books in the Picture Book section of the library have topic (or subject) labels on the spines to help students browse for books. There are still many books that need labels, too.

You can help your fellow students to browse:

1. Read a picture book without a topic label on the spine.
2. Identify the topic from the list (it is a word or phrase that describes what the book is mostly about)
3. Determine the author's message. What does the author want the reader to know about the topic?(You'll have to really think about the story - you can discuss it with someone, too!)
4. Share your ideas by completing the online form below.

Title: Jeremy Draws a Monster
Author: Peter McCarty
Topic: Friendship
Author's Message: "Get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and make friends"
Evidence from text: Jeremy looked very happy when he went outside of his room to meet new people at the end of the story.






October @ the Library


Choosing "Just Right" Books


image of book coverimage of book coverOur library's Picture Book section has several books that were written by librarians that help teach various library skills. A few of the books are: We're Going on a Book Hunt by Pat Miller and Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians by Jackie Mims Hopkins. These books have been great starting points for lessons in the library that sequence the book exchange steps and give helpful tips for making decisions about book choices.




September @ the Library


The NED Show was here!


The NED Show is a character education program that centers around three important messages that have life long relevance: Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best. During the assembly, students will learn about the importance of these three life skills while also enjoying storytelling, magic, humor and yo-yo tricks.

Check out the Kid Zone for fun activities and yo-yo videos!

Teachers click here, for ways to NEDucate your class!

NED School Assembly Program      NED School Assembly Program



Our Patron Pledge

Students and teachers in grades 2-5 worked on a Library Patron Pledge to help all of us library patrons (librarians, too!) remember how to be the best patrons we can be!

image of Patron Pledge


New Library Set-Up = New Library Map

The library bookcases have been moved around to make some library sections bigger and easier to organize. Click the map image below to get a bigger map that you can print.

There will be library lessons to help students find books in their different locations.
Good thing that we have the Dewey Decimal System!

image library map


image of bookworm


Welcome back to school!


Click on the link below to see this year's library schedule. 

Weekly library schedule








Watch for the signs!

Lesson Week

image of lesson week sign

Lesson week = 30 minute lesson.
Lessons vary by grade level and will focus on library skills, literature appreciation and digital literacy skills. Lessons may include direct instruction and  hands-on activities with books, iPads, and laptops.

There may not be time to checkout books during a lesson, but students can ask their classroom teacher to come to the library at another time during the week when Ms. Harmon doesn't have a class scheduled.


Exchange Weekimage of exchange week sign

Exchange week = whole class book exchange.
You have to return your library books in order to get more!
Students in grades 1-5 may have up to 5 library materials (books, magazines, or readalongs) checked out to their account.
Kindergarten students may have up to 2 items





Review the 2013-14 school year in the library...

Some clip art from Clip Art Gallery