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Learn what's happening in the library...

June @ the Library


The Scholastic Book Fair is here from May 31st - June 3rd!


Students will be previewing and purchasing items at scheduled times during the school day this week.
An evening sales event will be held Wednesday from 5:30 - 7:30 in the library.

Online fair runs through June 10th.


Families can see what is available through the book fair by clicking on the image below. They can even place orders online and the items will be delivered to the school before Summer vacation.

logo for Scholastic Book Fair 2016

Once opened, scroll down the screen and
click the Shop Now button to see everything that is at the fair.


May @ the Library


Please hold the Holds... but make a Wish (List)!



As of May 17th, the Hold It button has been turned off because we are getting ready image of Hold It! buttonfor library inventory and our Summer Borrowing program. Any holds placed on Pine Bush Elementary library books before this date will be saved for next school year. If you decide that you no longer want those holds, you can cancel them under MyInfo or ask Ms. Harmon to cancel them for you.

The library is preparing book orders for next year and your opinion counts! Please remember to use the Wish List button to make book suggestions for our library.
wish list button
The Wish List button or Add to Wish List link allows logged-in patrons to "wish for" or "persuade" the library to purchase a book to add to ourwish list link library collection.

How to use Wish List:

Log in to our library catalog
Search for a book title on the library catalog
If we don't have it, click the Wish List button or Add to Wish List link and write a good reason why the library should have that book. (Wish List requests go to Ms. Harmon.)


To use our school library catalog App, Destiny Quest:

clip art of Destiny Quest app


The Destiny Quest App  is available for the iPad, iTouch and iPhone, as well as Android smartphones. Students in grades 2+ will be learning how to use it on our school's iPads this month.

If you would like to use at home, do the following:
1. Go to the App Store(or Play Store) and search for Destiny Quest
2. Download and install the free app
3. Enter the URL: (keeping the "Basic" settings)
4. Enter the Username and Password that your were given in the library (your Student ID and password pattern)
5. Students are encouraged to explore, but please note that all holds and reviews will be sent to Ms. Harmon first. The reviews will become part of the library catalog and there is a format that we would like students to follow.
Students will be instructed on this feature in library classes. NOTE: The Recommend and Visual Search features are not available on this app.
6. The GCSD Elementary Suggested Summer Reading lists can be found here - very handy when browsing at the public library and book stores. When in the App, select Public Lists and look for the 2016 Summer lists by grade ranges.



April @ the Library


Graphic (Novel) Nonfiction


Third and fourth grade students have been learning about the features of Graphic Novels and how knowing their purpose can help you read (and enjoy) them better. They learned about the purpose of  panels, gutters, splash pages, movement lines, speech balloons, labels and captions. They already knew about labels and captions from their experience with nonfiction/ informational text, so it was a great way to review those features. Our library has a growing collection of nonfiction that is in graphic novel format. They are a fun way to learn about different topics in science, history and more. View the Animoto Video below to see our collection, then visit the Nonfiction Section in the library to check them out!







March @ the Library


What is YOUR favorite book of all time?clip art image of a book

During the month of March, 5Mc (a 5th grade class) voted on their FAVORITE books of all time. They came up with their BEST 16 book titles and put them in head-to-head challenges just like the famous March Madness Basketball brackets. The students' picks worked out to be a Series vs. Non-Series book challenge. The students used the library to borrow enough books to make sure they could read all of the choices throughout the month and they sure learned a lot! (Their librarian learned a lot about their reading choices and was happy to see so many great books being read!)

In Writing, they studied all different types of advertising, learned about visual appeal, graphic design and other advertising techniques. They applied all of these skills to developing their own Ad for each book for this 5Mc March Book Madness Challenge. Images of these posters can be seen in the Animoto video below - but the real work in their classroom is truly a sight to see!

Round 1 Voting begins Monday, March 28th. 
Click on the link below to vote in Round 1 until 3:00 MONDAY

The next ballot will be posted on Tuesday. 
Their final winner will be announced on Friday, April 1st!





February @ the Library


clip art for Leap Year


Why do we have Leap Year?

"A leap year is a special year that has 366 days. That is one more day than an ordinary year. The extra day is February 29. A leap year occurs in every year that can be divided evenly by four, except for some years that mark an even century.

The calendar year is only 365 days long. But a solar year is slightly longer. A solar year is the time Earth takes to revolve around the sun—365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds. We have to add an extra day every four years to make up the difference between the calendar year and the solar year.

Adding an extra day every fourth year would make the average calendar year a few minutes too long. So, the years that mark an even century are not leap years, unless they can be divided evenly by 400. The year 1900 had only 365 days, but 2000 had 366 days."

World Book KidsAPA: Leap year. (2016). In World Book Kids. Retrieved from


Try this website to see how a day "leaps"

Visit this web site Calculate Day of Week and enter your birthday with the year 2013.
What day of the week was it? Change each year and look at the day of the week.
Watch it "leap" a day for 2016!

Leap Year Activities for Kids  This web site has lot of frog activities - shouldn't they still be hibernating on February 29th? :)


Brain Pop Jr. explains leap year in the Calendar and Dates movie...
(Click image for movie.)
screenshot of BrainPopJr movie


Brain Pop explains it in the Leap Year movie...
(Click image for 4 minute movie.)
Screenshot of BrainPop movie





January @ the Library


clip art of snowflake  clip art of snowmanclip art of snowflake

Looking for snow? Find it in these books!


 PictureTrail requires Flash Player and will not display on an iPad.

You can still search for snow on our library catalog
or click the Snow Books Resource List under the Catalog Tab.



December @ the Library


Happy Holidays clip art

Click on each image for holiday online games.


(Sorry, these will not work on iPads because they require Flash Player.)

Special thanks to our second graders (and some teachers) for evaluating and selecting these games for their schoolmates. Read their comments before clicking on an image to play a game."

screenshot of dreidel game
"It's fun and  teaches you how to play the real Dreidel Game."
screenshot of Add With Santa game
"Good math game and if you get  something wrong, you have a chance to do it again."

screenshot of Bells Ringing game
 "Follow the patterns of
the ringing bells and then
try to match them."
screenshot of Merry Christmas Math game
"Good game for everyone because it has easy to hard levels."
screenshot of Gingerbread House game
"It's so much fun!"
"Kindergarten would love to build gingerbread houses with  different doors and windows..."
"and all the decorations!"
screenshot of Snowline game 
"I got it! Santa made it across!" Ethan
"Make good lines!"
screenshot of Gimgerbread Escape
"This one is hard. Make sure you read the words in the bottom box."
"Those clues help a lot, but you also have to return to rooms  with things you find along the way."
Ms. Harmon
screenshot of Build a Snowman interactive
"Build a snowman on the computer if it's not snowing outside."
screnprint of Blocky Christmas
"If you liked the
Duck Logic Game,
you'll like this!"
Ms. Harmon
screenshot of Grayscale Christmas Escape game
"This is sooo hard. Finish the Gingerbread Escape first and then try this. Don't give up!"
Olivia-2nd grader Leah's older sister
screenshot of Tree Electricity
"4th & 5th graders can use their knowledge of circuits here."

Ms. Harmon
screenshot of Reindeer Orchestra interactive
"Make reindeer your own piano."
Ms. Woodley
"Practice to increase your tempo. Have fun!"
Ms. Dineen



Roxie's visit was great! Thank you so much Pine Bush PTA!


Image of author bulletin board in library


image of library bulletin board


Come to the library to see the Roxie Munro display!

Click to on this thumbnail to see larger image.

Learn about all the creative and interactive book formats that she uses to help children learn true facts about so many different topics.

Her maze books help you explore habitats, where our food comes from and 26 different places in a community (from A-Z).
Her inside-out books help you "see the sights" in popular cities and see dinosaurs' skeletons (inside) and their habitats (outside).
Her lift-the-flap books show you how so many forms of transportation... Go! Go! Go!
Her question & answer books share clues about different animals, ask questions and give readers a chance to guess the answers before learning some really wild animal facts!
Her apps take her books to another level of interaction - students will be learning about her KIWi storybooks and her a-MAZE-ing adventures on our school iPads soon!

Books are available for checkout
and a set will be kept on reserve for students to read in the library.

Kids: View the following videos to see how she interacts with kids and how much her books are enjoyed!

A student video review of the book, Slithery Snakes. (1 min.)

A student video interview called, "In the Kid's Seat with Roxie Munro." (7 min.)

Another video interview about Roxie's KIWi Storybooks. (9 min.)

Visit the Kids' Page at Roxie Munro's web site.


Grown-ups: Read some interesting articles about learning through games.

"Roxie Munro on Using Gamification in Children's Apps."
"Gamification: a Cool Way for Children to Learn."


Kids & Grown-ups: Learn about her apps that you can buy for home use. (Roxie's a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure is now on our school's iPad cart!)

Click each image to learn about the apps (which are sold individually or as a "Roxie bundle.")

image of app icon  image of app icon  image of app icon





November @ the Library


Visiting Author/Artist Roxie Munro coming soon!




Author/artist Roxie Munro will be visiting our school on Tuesday December 15th. She describes herself as a "Visual Thinker" and when you see all of her creations, you will understand why! She writes mostly nonfiction informational text with beautiful artwork in a variety of creative formats (question & answer, inside-outside, mazes, and lift-the-flap books.) Roxie has even designed interactive apps and giant walk-in storybooks. She will be speaking to students about how she creates her work through research, art, maze and app design.


Our PTA is sending home a book order form through backpack mail, if you would like to purchase one of her books before her visit (Roxie Munro will sign it for you.) Please send completed order forms to the school library by Wednesday, November 18, so the books will be here in time for her visit. Click here for another copy of the form.


Thanksgiving clip artturkey clip art

Click on each image for a fun Thanksgiving online game.

(Sorry, these will not work on iPads because they require Flash Player.)

interactive game screenprintinteractive game screenprintinteractive game screenprint

interactive game screenprint interactive game screenprint interactive game screenprint



October @ the Library


October is now SOCKtober!

...with thanks to the Pine Bush 3rd graders. Throughout the month, our students have been participating in a social awareness to action project with the goal of making the lives of some local families a bit warmer this season.

Inspired by the video A Pep Talk from Kid President with Grover, their teachers offered the students a chance to make a difference and they ran with it! They decided to have a sock drive to collect new socks to donate to the local organization Things of My Very Own. Students have beenimage of Sock Puppets App logo making posters, writing letters to families and teachers, writing scripts for announcements, and a small group even found a new and interesting way to promote this sock event... Sock Puppets™!

They brainstormed their message, organized their thoughts and wrote a script using a puppet show planner. They practiced, recorded, evaluated and then re-recorded their Sock Puppets
™ movies on an ipad in the library, so they could invite the greater Pine Bush Elementary community to support this worthy cause.

The Socktober Sock Drive will take place until November 4th. Once the new socks are all collected; the students will sort, count, organize, pack and deliver them. Please support this event -
click on the images below to view their movies.

image for student-created movie image from student-created movie


An Evening Learning Event...

image of CyberNight poster

Pine Bush Parents

A series of interactive workshops is being offered by district librarians for Guilderland Central School District families. The event will take place on Thursday, October 22 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the Farnsworth Middle School library. The sessions will feature interactive presentations containing tips for parents and students on navigating our ever changing digital world to help students make the most of their online experience. Refreshments will be provided. For more information, contact Ms. Harmon in the Pine Bush Elementary Library.

Click to open the brochure in .pdf format.



September @ the Library


image of ebook day logo


"Read an eBook Day is a celebration of modern storytelling..." *
Click on each of our resources below to find and enjoy an eBook of your choice.
The library link on the left called, eBooks & Audiobooks, will provide more information about how to get started with OverDrive and how to search for eBooks on Destiny and TumbleBooks.



TumbleBook Logo Opens Destiny OPAC @ PBE Logo for Overdrive
click to login login with your student id (Destiny) login with your student id (Destiny)


image of TumbelBook cover


September 17th is Constitution Day

For more information about Constitution Day visit the Constitution Center. You can also read an eBook from TumbleBooks (click image of the book cover. You may have to type the title in the search field at the top.)




Welcome back to school!


I hope that everyone had a great summer! I can't wait to hear about all the books that you read. This year, younger students (gr. 2-3) will be learning how to use our library catalog to recommend books to friends and teachers, while older students (gr. 4-5) will also write book reviews in order to help students make informed choices. Our youngest students (gr. K-1) will share their opinions about books in other fun ways!

                          image of Recommend button                    image of Review button

If you would like to read the Library Book Reviews written by our students and staff, please click Catalog under Links on the left of this page.
When the Catalog opens, select Catalog Tab > Resource Lists > Book Reviews.


September is Library Card Sign-Up Monthlibrary card ad!

Don't forget to visit Guilderland Public Library for another important school supply.. .a free public library card! You will need it to check out library materials when you go there.

Our school does not require library cards to check out books, but information will be sent home this month to help you manage your Pine Bush Elementary library account (see current books out, place holds, organize lists, visit suggested websites, recommend and review books and more!)



Review the 2014-15 school year in the library...

Some clip art from Clip Art Gallery