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Learn what's happening in the library...


June @ the Library


image of Summer Reading book display


Have fun this summer and check out all these ways to READ A LOT!

Review the topics you learned about this school year or preview topics for next year. Check out the Grade Level Patron Pages with the links on the left. Use the links in the Symbaloo section and read the topics listed on the bottom for fun learning ideas!

Enjoy your books from the Scholastic Book Fair. Thank you so much supporting this great PTA event. We will have some great new books in the the library for everyone to share!

Participate in our school library’s Summer Borrowing Program, permission slips were sent home. Click here if you need another copy of the form (NOTE: a hand written note will work if you do not have access to a printer).image of NYPL Summer logo Build a Better World

Join the Summer Reading Club at Guilderland Public Library.
This summer's theme: Build a Better World!
We will be sending GPL's brochure in backpack mail during the week of June 12th.

Use online resources for stories, information and book suggestions.

image of TumbleBook app

TumbleBook Premium Library  Read the books and play the games! Use the free app (look in the April news below.)

Overdrive Use the free app or website and your student ID for eBooks and audiobooks. Select Guilderland Central School District from the list and enter your child's student ID to stream stories on line or click the Overdriveimage of Overdrive app image on the right to find information about downloading the free app for mobile devices.

GCSD’s Summer Reading web page

Pine Bush Elementary School Library Catalog Practice using our library catalog and update your Destiny Quest bookshelves this summer.

NoveList K-8 Plus This is good resource for grades 3-5. It helps you learn about books that you might like. Username and password is on your Summer Learning flyer coming home theimage of Summer Learning flyer week of June 12th.

Remember to READ A LOT this summer! Read books, magazines, comics, recipes, directions, labels, signs, grocery items, guidebooks, maps... anything you read is good practice and will help you continue to grow as a reader this summer!


sample image of
Summer Learning flyer



May @ the Library


Please hold the Holds... but make a Wish (List)!



As of May 17th, the Hold It button has been turned off because we are getting ready image of Hold It! buttonfor library inventory and our Summer Borrowing program. Any holds placed on Pine Bush Elementary library books before this date will be saved for next school year. If you decide that you no longer want those holds, you can cancel them under MyInfo or ask Ms. Harmon to cancel them for you.

The library is preparing book orders for next year and your opinion counts! Please remember to use the Wish List button to make book suggestions for our library.
wish list button
The Wish List button or Add to Wish List link allows logged-in patrons to "wish for" or "persuade" the library to purchase a book to add to ourwish list link library collection.

How to use Wish List:

Log in to our library catalog
Search for a book title on the library catalog
If we don't have it, click the Wish List button or Add to Wish List link and write a good reason why the library should have that book. (Wish List requests go to Ms. Harmon.)


To use our school library catalog App, Destiny Quest:

clip art of Destiny Quest app


The Destiny Quest App  is available for the iPad, iTouch and iPhone, as well as Android smartphones. Students in grades 2+ will be learning how to use it on our school's iPads this month.

If you would like to use at home, do the following:
1. Go to the App Store(or Play Store) and search for Destiny Quest
2. Download and install the free app
3. Enter the URL: (keeping the "Basic" settings)
4. Enter the Username and Password that your were given in the library (your Student ID and password pattern)
5. Students are encouraged to explore, but please note that all holds and reviews will be sent to Ms. Harmon first. The reviews will become part of the library catalog and there is a format that we would like students to follow.
Students will be instructed on this feature in library classes. NOTE: The Recommend and Visual Search features are not available on this app.
6. The GCSD Elementary Suggested Summer Reading lists can be found here - very handy when browsing at the public library and book stores. When in the App, select Public Lists and look for the 2016 Summer lists by grade ranges.


April @ the Library


TumbleBookLibrary has launched new tablet and smartphone apps for subscribers* (all Pine Bush students and staff are subscribers – you must login with our school’s account information listed in the school's May Newsletter).image of TumbleBook app

The free apps are available for Apple iOS and Android devices and can be found at the Apple Store or Google Play stores by searching for TumbleBooks.

                          image of AppleStore       image of Google Play store

When the app is downloaded, click the School button and enter the account information.

Once you have logged in the first time, each following login should only require a click of the TumbleBooks icon!

While you're using the app, your experience on the site is the exact same experience you'd have if you logged in using your browser! You just need an internet connection to stream content, and there are no downloads to clog up your device! Storybooks are the default screen. Click the menu (on the top left corner) to access read-alongs, ebooks, graphic novels, nonfiction, games and more!

Please contact Ms. Harmon at the library if you have any questions.



March @ the Library


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Get ready to celebrate his March 2nd birthday by celebrating his books, characters, movies and life. Check out his biographies from the library and read articles about him with our databases (World Book, Kids InfoBits and eLibrary.)

book cover image  book cover image  book cover image  book cover image  book cover image  book cover image

image of Dr. Seuss from BrainPopJr

Click on Dr. Seuss's image to view the BrainPop Jr. video (login may be required.)

Click on "Let's Play" button below to learn which Dr. Seuss character you might share qualities with.




Do you know all the characters from his books?

image of Seuss Character Quiz

Test your knowledge with the Dr. Seuss Character Quiz from Seussville logo

(Print the .pdf file or read it online.)



screenprint of Gerald McBoing Boing

Dr. Seuss won an Oscar for this movie. Click on the image to watch.



January @ the Library


Coming soon to a Pine Bush Elementary Theater (Gym) near you...


The Emperor's New Clothes clip art of Emperor's New Clothes


On January 27th and 28th, Pine Bush will present the classic fairy tale, The Emperor's New Clothes. Many of our Pine Bush 5th Graders will be featured in the performance - both onstage and backstage. Ticket order forms have been sent home and should be returned to the school by January 24th. We hope that you will attend!

If you would like to read or re-read the story before the performance, visit the library we have a few versions available. You can also enjoy a read- aloud if you visit the Story Corner section of Early World of Learning (Click the button below - your child should know the username & password.) Remember to click on the frog to get to the classic stories.

Early World of Learning        screenshot of EWOL Classics menu

Click on the World Book button above to go . Click on the frog and then look for the story in the Story Corner (sample image above). 


Celebrate the Chinese New Year January 28, 2017


The Chinese New Year is a celebration of the Lunar New Year (lunar means moon). It is a very important celebration in Chinese culture. Families and communities look forward to spending time together sharing the many customs and traditions that are part of this holiday. Click on the image below to learn more about the holiday, its customs and for directions for making activities so that you can also join in the celebration!

screenshot for Topmarks Chinese New Year web site

Click on the image above for information and activities.
Click on the movie below to learn all about Chinese New Year.



Video courtesy of Panda Express - more info at



December @ the Library


Highlights from Jennifer Sattler's Visit

Thank you so much to Pine Bush PTA for hosting her visit. Additional thanks to Mrs. Monlea for working with students to create the amazing banners and all the classrooms that posted their awesome projects outside their classrooms. Jennifer Sattler said that she felt so welcomed!
Watch the video below to see Jennifer Sattler and samples of some of the student projects.




Play the Pig Kahuna Feelings Game

image of student card game

Mrs.Crupi's second grade class has been learning about enhancing their writing with more powerful words, especially when describing feelings or emotions. Working in the classroom and the library, they read and analyzed all of Jennifer Sattler's Pig Kahuna books and created this game for other children to enjoy. Just click on the image to download and print the .pdf document in landscape mode & double-sided. Then cut the cards out and use them to play Memory, Concentration or even Go Fish!


November @ the Library



Local Authors to Visit Pine Bush Elementary this December

Each school year, the Pine Bush Elementary PTA celebrates the love of books and their creators by bringing professional authors and illustrators to our school to meet with our students. Students and staff cherish the memories of these unique experiences and are so grateful to our PTA! We will learn about the authors and their work in the library and in classrooms.


Jennifer Sattler will visit grades K-2 on December 6th


image of Jennifer Sattler, author & illustrator       image of Jennifer Sattler website

Jennifer Sattler, author and illustrator                        Click the image above to visit her website



Alicia Klepeis will visit grades 3-5 on December 21st


 image of author's website           image of Alicia Klepeis, author 

Click the image above to visit her website                                       Alicia Klepeis, author


What can you do to get the most out of the visits?


Read their books.

There are copies of Jennifer Sattler and Alicia Klepeis' books available in our school library. Some of Alicia Klepeis' books are available in our library's Capstone Interacitve ebook collection. Also, we have already borrowed them through Interlibrary Loan, so you don't have to search the catalog for them. You can just read and enjoy them! Some books are labeled for 1 Day Loan to make sure thatimage of Capstone Interactives logo many people can read them to prepare for the visits.


Students in Grades 3-5 click the
Capstone image to read Alicia's ebooks.



Recommend it! or Add a Review.

Help spread the word about Jennifer Sattler and Alicia Klepeis's books. Login to your library account and make a recommendation or write a book review. Book reviews have certain requirements because they are published on the library catalog, see Ms. Harmon for an Add a Review bookmark.

Think about their books and articles.

Do their books have anything in common? Are there similar themes? How do you feel about the characters in the books?

Talk about their books.

Think about the talking points that you make during Reading Partnerships or Book Clubs and use these to talk about these books. What connections can you make? (Text to Text, Text to Self, Text to World.)



November is National Picture Book Month


There are so many ways to celebrate, but the best way is to share a picture book with someone you love! Picture books are a great way to spend time together with family andimage of Picture Book Month logo friends or to enjoy on your own.  Parents can share a beloved book from their childhood and children can show family members their brand new favorite book. It is very important to note that you are never too old for picture books. It is exciting when young children begin to read chapter books, but picture books should always remain an integral part of enhancing a child's love and understanding of literature. Because the stories are short in length, they allow for complex issues such as empathy or diversity to be explored in a way that is more accessible to elementary-aged children.

Click on the picture above
for more information.

Take your time reading the story, stop and talk about what is happening, discuss how the character feels and ask for evidence in the pictures. This makes the time shared more enjoyable and helps strengthen visual literacy & thinking skills (VTS tip from this link listed below in blue.)  Look at the characters' facial expressions and body language, note the position of the characters in relation to each other, ask why a particular view of the illustration was used (i.e. bird's eye view) and use the images to help understand the plot of the story and make predictions. Most importantly, enjoy the time together and remember that picture books are for everyone. The following questions can help enhance the entire experience. 

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a specific approach to whole-class viewing and talking about art that primarily uses these questions:

What's going on in this picture?
What do you see that makes you say that?
What more can we find?

Resources for families:

7 Tips for Reading Aloud to Kids 

Picture Books for Older Readers

New York Public Libraries 100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know


Students will be learning more about the value of picture books in the library this month, most especially students in grades K-2 will be preparing for a visit from picture book author and illustrator Jennifer Sattler.




October @ the Library


Digital Citizenship Week is October 16-22


Students are learning how to be good citizens at school, on the bus and... online!
They are learning about Digital Citizenship and how it is similar to being a good citizen anywhere. There are rules created to keep you safe and there are responsibilities that each person has to make the online community the best that it can be.

There are many online resources created by reliable organizations that we will be using in the library to learn more about being safe and responsible online. or Childnet International, is "a non-profit organization working with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children." They have various formats of resources to use with children of all ages. Different classes at Pine Bush learned about internet safety with the ebooks and quiz listed below. The resources are also links on the Grade Level Patron Pages (links on the left) and students were encouraged to share the resource with family members.


cover image of Smartie .ppt  book from

 Grades K-2



cover image of Digiduck ebook from

Grades 2-3


cover image of SMART online quiz at

Grades 4-5



September @ the Library


Welcome back to school!


Please remember to watch for the signs inside and outside the library!

It is so great to watch our students as they grow and become independent library users. It takes teaching, learning and practice to develop this skill over time and I love to see their confidence grow. The signs, labels and posters used throughout the library serve as friendly reminders about what to do to make the library a better place for all!

Lesson Weekphoto of library Lesson Week sign

Lesson week = 30 minute lesson.

Lessons vary by grade level and will focus on library skills, literature appreciation and digital literacy skills. Lessons may include direct instruction and hands-on activities with books, iPads, and ChromeBooks.

*There may not be time to checkout books during a lesson, but students can ask their classroom teacher to come to the library at another time during the week when Ms. Harmon doesn't have a class scheduled.

photo of library Exchange Week sign

Exchange Week

Exchange week = whole class book exchange.

You have to return your library books in order to get more!
Students in grades 1-5 may have up to 5 library materials (books, magazines, or audiobooks) checked out to their account.
Kindergarten students may have up to 2 items



Patron Pledge and I PICK...library books!

Students will learn and review the concepts on the posters below. The posters remind all of us about how to use the library and make great choices for reading and research.


image of PBE library patron pledge     image of I PICK library sign

Click on the thumbnail images above to view our
Library Patron Pledge and the I Pick...Library Books! poster.
 (The I PICK poster is adapted from the book selection method suggested in the Daily 5 book,
a resource that many of our teachers use in class.)




image of ebook day logo


"Read an eBook Day is a celebration of modern storytelling..." *
Click on each of our resources below to find and enjoy an eBook of your choice.
The library link on the left called, eBooks & Audiobooks, will provide more information about how to get started with OverDrive and how to search for eBooks on Destiny and TumbleBooks.



TumbleBook Logo Opens Destiny OPAC @ PBE Logo for Overdrive
click to login login with your student id (Destiny) login with your student id (Destiny)
image of epointplus logo  image of RosenDigital logo   
use login from the library  use login from the library   


image of TumbelBook cover


September 17th is Constitution Day

For more information about Constitution Day visit the Constitution Center. You can also read an eBook from TumbleBooks (click image of the book cover. You may have to type the title in the search field at the top.)






Review the 2015-16 school year in the library...

Some clip art from Clip Art Gallery