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 Learning Fair Suggestions

Pine Bush Learnig Fair logoFinding a topic that is right for you.

The first step in doing research is selecting a topic that you want to learn more about. Some things that you should keep in mind while you are deciding are:

1. Choose a topic that you are interested in.

2. Try to focus on one thing if your topic is too broad or big

Broad: What is in outer space?
Narrow: What are stars made of?

3. Make sure that you will learn something new. If you already know everything there is to know about trains, maybe you should pick a new topic.

4. Think about your audience. Will other people be interested in learning about your topic, too?

5. Make sure that you will be able to find information from different sources (books, online resources, people) so that you can turn research into your own ideas. Don't just make a presentation about what one author knows about honeybees.


The following questions are provided as suggestions or for inspiration.

You might like to try to answer one or it may make you think of other questions that you have!

What brand of cereal has the most raisins?

Can plants grow without soil?

What kind of detergent cleans best?

What common liquids are acid, base or neutral?

What materials provide the best insulation?

What store has the lowest prices on various items?

How do salaries for different occupations in different parts of the country compare?

How does my estimate of the weight of certain common items compare to their actual weights?

What factors affect a vehicles gas mileage?

What impact have scanners made on the grocery business?

How does the environment, location, natural resources, economy, and/or form of government of a place influence the way in which people live?

How do the effects of geography influence the development of culture and/or leisure time activities?

What kinds of things could you include in an artifact box for a certain place (of your choice)?

How do the locks of a canal work and why are they needed?

What does the bank do with our savings?

Where in the world do your favorite foods, toys, or clothing come from?

How do business persuade customers to buy their goods?



Please be aware that glass containers are not permitted.

Projects involving water must be in a water tight container.

Displays need to be able to stand on their own. For example, sturdy cardboard or foam board folded into thirds would form a stable background.

Live animals will not be allowed in the Learning Fair displays, due to health and safety concerns for both the animal and children.