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GCSD Concert Archive

Faculty and Friends Recital - 10/29/09

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba for Oboe Trio (Performed by Samantha Crouse, Katie Hart, Susan Kokernak, oboes and  Starr Norman, piano)

Walkaway Joe -- Vince Melamed & Greg Barnhill (Performed by Rae Jean, Kat, and Sean Teeter, vocals and Lenore Aldi-Snow, piano)

Legends #5 (Performed by Shannon Woodley, trumpet)

Je Suis Titania from Mignon -- Ambroise Thomas (Performed by Julie Norman, vocal and Starr Norman, piano)

Bourree II -- Johann Sebastian Bach (Little Prelude No. Performed by Cathleen Cook, flute and Lenore Aldi-Snow, clarinet)

Gigue from the Second English Suite  -- J.S.Bach (Performed by Lauren Ellis, violin and Jeffrey Herchenroder, string bass)

Big Yellow Taxi -- Joni Mitchell (Performed by Shannon deFrancqueville, vocals and Christian deFrancqueville, guitar & vocals)

Tarantelle -- Fred Lax Op. 82 (Performed by Alexis Ziomek, flute and Judy Russo, piano)

Dutch Suite -- PDQ Bach (Performed by Dan Cordell, tuba and Kathy Ehlinger, bassoon)

They Weren’t There -- Missy Higgins (Performed by Judy Russo, piano & vocal)

Medley -- John Williams (Performed by Brass Quintet—Kathleen Ehlinger, Robert Grant, Louis Greco, Ryan Orsini, and Jason Utter)

Chicago -- Fred Fisher arr. Paul Nagle (Performed by Lenore Aldi-Snow, soprano saxophone; Alexis Ziomek, alto saxophone; Shannon deFrancqueville, tenor saxophone; Lori Hershenhart, bari saxophone; Christian deFranqueville, bass; and Geoffrey Snow, drumset)

Imagination -- J. vanHeusen (Performed by Nancy Casellini, vocals and Lee Russo, saxophone)

New York, New York -- Leonard Bernstein arr. Jerry Brubaker (Performed by Full Ensemble - Music Faculty & Friends)


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