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Applied music


The Guilderland Central School district offers an independent study option for students pursuing instrumental/vocal music instruction with a private, qualified music instructor (qualified is being defined as having an appropriate undergraduate and/or graduate degree in music or music education from an accredit4ed school of music, conservatory or college).

Through a plan approved and governed by the Commissioner’s Regulations 103.B, applied music credit will be awarded upon successful completion of the requirements stated below. The New York State Applied Music Plan is a one-year independent study program, which meets the minimum State Education Department requirements for awarding credit.

Application for credit must be made on the attached Form A and Form B and returned by the end of September to Mrs. Ehlinger in the High School music department, in order to be eligible for consideration to participate in the program.

The student is expected to secure the services of a private music instructor who is qualified and professionally trained with appropriate music credentials and coursework to act as an instructor for the specified study period. Please contact Lori Hershenhart, Music Supervisor for private teacher lists. Attached are suggested guidelines for securing a private teacher.

Program requirements:

The student must practice a minimum of five (5) hours per week, keeping a record of such practice on attached Form C

At the end of each quarter the student is expected to return the quarterly practice record and the Private Teacher’s Quarterly Evaluation (Form D) to Mrs. Ehlinger.

At the end of the school year the student is obligated to participate in an end-of-the-year performance assessment. The student may choose from option A or B, outlined below.

Option A: Performance assessment with GHS Music Staff Member. The student must prepare a “recital ready” solo and bring representative study materials from which excerpts may be selected by the auditioner for the student to play.

Option B: Performance assessment by participating in the NYSSMA Solo/Ensemble Music Festival of the NYSMTA Assessment. A copy of the adjudicator’s sheet from this festival will serve as meeting the criteria.

Applied music guidelines

Students may receive credit for taking private music lessons outside of school from qualified teachers. This program cannot be used to fulfill the Fine Arts Requirement for graduation. All forms are available below.

Form A and Form B must be returned to Mrs. Ehlinger in the High School Music Department by the end of September.

Form C and Form D must be returned at the end of each marking period to Mrs.Ehlinger. Dates are on the district calendar. Failure to return forms in a timely manner will cause a student to be dropped from the program.

Students must take at least one music lesson a week, not less than 30 minutes in length for a minimum of 36 weeks during the school year.

Students must practice a minimum of 5 hours per week, exclusive of rehearsals and lessons. This must be documented in the practice log each marking period.

Students must complete a summary performance assessment


Applied music forms

Applied Music Form A & B (PDF)

Applied Music Form C (PDF)

Applied Music Form D (PDF)

Private lesson log (PDF)


For more information, contact Music Supervisor Lori Hershenhart, (518) 861-8591, ext. 1106.