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Smart Music

The Guilderland Music Department is proud to announce an exciting opportunity for our students. The district is using SmartMusic and it is now available for home purchase.

SmartMusic is a software-based computer interactive program that helps students practice. Students can practice exercises, solos, and beginning methods, as well as the music that they are performing with their school band, orchestra, or choir. SmartMusic can record student progress and includes a metronome, tuner, and digital recorder.

SmartMusic features include:

The unique Intelligent Accompaniment tool listens to musicians as they sing or play, and follows their spontaneous tempo changes

With this type of computer accompaniment, you'll improve on issues like being in tune, keeping time, learning to listen and more (Built-in Tuner and Metronome)

Over 30,000 fun accompaniments to make teaching & learning music efficient, productive and enjoyable

Different exercises for practicing scales, intervals, arpeggios and twisters *Create a loop that repeats those difficult passages over & over, until you get it right.


How does SmartMusic benefit your family?
Individual practice becomes more fun when playing with accompaniment. This makes practice time more engaging and productive, and helps develop better listening skills and a more mature understanding of the music. Students may also practice longer and more effectively as a result of the built-in assessment features. SmartMusic enables students to record their assignments for self-evaluation. The assessment indicates what students have performed correctly and where improvement is needed. In this digital age, students are accustomed to receiving immediate feedback, and they respond by setting their goals higher. A SmartMusic subscription also provides your student immediate access to the world’s largest accompaniment library, allowing them to explore areas of interest and set their own development objectives. It contains many of the NYSSMA solos students will be performing at our festival.

What is needed to use SmartMusic?
SmartMusic works on your PC or Mac and requires an Internet connection to activate your subscription System requirements and support contacts are listed at

What does this cost?
You can purchase a full-year subscription for $40 per year. Microphones cost $20and are highly recommended as they are required for recordings Mac computers also require a USB microphone adaptor such as the Griffin imic ($35).

How do I get started?
Log onto If you run into any questions with purchasing, activating, or using SmartMusic, it’s nice to know that SmartMusic tech support is free!