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Elementary School Physical Education

Welcome to the elementary school physical education!


Enjoy browsing and gathering information about our physical education program and feel free to contact your child's physical education teacher for clarification and additional information.

Motor learning is best nurtured in an environment rich with diverse opportunities for direct movement experiences. Our elementary program incorporates a unique approach to Physical Education using the movement concepts of:

                                            Agility                                                           Balance
                                            Foot/Eye Coordination                                 Hand/Eye Coordination
                                            Timing                                                          Spatial Awareness
                                            Directionality                                                Physical Fitness
                                            Rhythm/Dance                                             Reaction Time
                                            Strength, Power & Leverage                        Locomotor Movement


Through this concept approach, our students are able to:

Gain a basic understanding of how their physical bodies move and become physically fit

Learn movement choices

Adapt planned efficient movement to daily living

Begin to apply basic concepts of movement to individual sport units


While attending school in the Guilderland Central School District, all students must attend Physical Education three days a week for a 30 minute period.

Medical Excuses
Students may be excused from participation in Physical Education for a maximum of one week upon the receipt of a written note from a parent or legal guardian. For periods longer than a week a physician's note will be required. For extended periods of time, the school nurse will send a form home which the student's attending physician must complete and return to school. At that point, the physical education teacher will adapt the program for the excused student.

Dress Code
While attending and participating in Physical Education classes, students normally wear the same clothing as worn to school. Sneakers are required athletic footwear. In activities where alternate clothing and/or footwear is necessary, it is the responsibility of the Physical Education teacher to provide appropriate notice to students and parents. Jewelry must be removed prior to participation in any activity.

Intramurals is an extension of the Physical Education program, offered to students in grades 4 and 5.  They are offered as an afterschool program with late buses provided.