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Letter award qualifications
A letter is not the right of each individual on a team, rather it is an honor that must be earned by the individual student-athlete. At the beginning of each season, the coach will set forth specific criteria outlining performance as a means of achieving a letter.

A starter who is injured before he or she can complete the requirements shall be given consideration for receiving a letter.

An athlete who does not complete the season in good standing shall not receive a letter or certificate ( i.e. an athlete who quits the team, is removed for disciplinary reasons or for a training rule infraction).

A senior, who has participated in the same sport for 4 years, shall receive a varsity letter in that sport regardless of the requirements, as long as he or she completes each season as a team member in good standing.

Ultimately, the coach determines who will receive a letter.

General requirements for all awards
Certificates: Varsity, junior varsity and freshman certificates shall be awarded to all athletes who complete the season in good standing. The athlete must exhibit attributes befitting a hard-working loyal team member throughout the entire season.

Letters: The same standards are applied to each level—freshman, junior varsity and varsity. One letter only shall be awarded at each level. Sport pins will be issued for varsity awards earned in the first year and a service bar will be issued in subsequent years in the same sport.

Note: Situations needing special consideration shall be left up to the discretion of the coach after consultation with the athletic director.

Awards Banquets
Alcohol and alcoholic consumption by all persons at Guilderland Central athletic events and awards banquets are against school district policy. Whenever possible, banquets should be held in a facility where alcohol cannot be sold during the function and at no time can alcohol be available in the banquet room. Smoking or use of tobacco products is similarly prohibited.

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