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Dutchmen Committed   


Last year, GCSD partnered with Albany County and Sheriff Craig Apple to bring Mr. John Underwood to the high school for an assembly. During the assembly, Mr. Underwood discussed the Life of an Athlete program and his Human Performance Project with our high school students. His message was clear - the the single most important aspect of reaching an elite level in anything isDC Logo lifestyle and the choices we make. From this assembly came the idea for the Dutchmen Committed Project!

Dutchmen Committed is not a club - it is a lifestyle that creates a higher standard of excellence for ALL students. It promotes the idea of a healthy and chemical free lifestyle, which includes a sufficient amount of sleep, a nutritious diet and the avoidance of drugs and alcohol. Dutchmen Committed students understand their responsibility of setting a positive example for the youth. Students involved will take pride in their performance while representing their community, school, classmates and themselves. We believe that the Dutchmen Committed lifestyle gives our students the best opportunity for optimal success in all aspects of their lives.

We have over 70 students who have signed on to live the Dutchmen Committed lifestyle and are currently looking for more interested students to make the commitment!

To learn more about the Dutchmen Committed Project you can email, tweet @dutchcommitted on Twitter, or contact the Director of Athletics, Regan Johnson at 861-8591 ext. 4000.

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