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Student-athlete eligibility   

According to the Commissioner’s Regulations, a pupil shall be eligible for inter-school competition in a sport during a semester, provided that he/she is:

A bona fide pupil, enrolled during the first 15 days of such semester,

Is registered in the equivalent of three regular courses,

Is meeting the physical education requirement, and

Has been in regular attendance 80 percent of the school time, bona fide absence caused by personal illness accepted.

Each individual team has its own regulations concerning daily attendance at practices and the minimum of number of practices before being eligible for competition. Coach will inform players of these rules.

Duration of competition
A pupil shall be eligible for senior high school athletic competition in a sport during each of four consecutive seasons of such sport commencing with the pupil’s entry into the ninth grade and prior to graduation. A pupil reaching the age of 19, before July 1, may not participate during that school year.

Transfer students
To access transfer forms, visit the New York State Public High School Athletic Association website.

Exemptions to transfer students 

The student reaches the age of majority and establishes residency in a district.

If a private or parochial school ceases to operate a student may transfer to another private or parochial school of his/her choice. Otherwise, a student must enroll in the public school district of his/her parent’s residency.

A student who is a ward of the court or state and is placed in a district by court order. Guardianship does not fulfill this requirement.

A student from divorced or separated parents who moves into a new school district with one of the aforementioned parents. Such a transfer is allowed once every six month.

Note: It is provided, however, that each student shall have the opportunity to petition the section involved to transfer without penalty based on an undue hardship for the student.

Athletic Placement Process (APP)
There is a NYS regulation that permits a few qualified students to participate on an athletic team beyond their grade placement called the Athletic Placement Process. Parental permission is required to begin the APP screening process, which evaluates students physiological maturity, athletic performance abilities and athletic skill in relationship to other student-athletes at the specific participation level. Students who successfully meet the requirements will be allowed to participate in an extended athletic career. Please see the Quick Link on the athletics home page for more information. Click Here

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