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Board of Education

District priorities

Healthy, Safe and Engaged
Our school community will ensure that students have the physical, social and emotional competencies that enable them to be resilient, self-aware and esteemed members of our local and global communities.

Schools will ensure that all students have meaningful and sustained connections to at least one adult.

Strong and supportive school cultures will promote a sense of participation, safety and security for all students.

Schools will embrace partnerships with parents and community to provide meaningful connections to support social and emotional development.

Teachers will promote intellectual risk-taking, exploration and problem-solving in a variety of learning contexts and applications.

Schools will ensure that students understand constructive and positive behaviors in ways that motivate them to be physically fit, emotionally healthy and socially aware.

Leaders will promote and nourish a safe learning and working environment which is supportive, cooperative, ethical, and ensures open communication.


Globally Aware and Connected
Our school community will ensure that students have the knowledge and skills necessary to participate constructively and productively in local and global communities.

Students and staff will develop competencies to enable all to understand and effectively address matters of conflict, intolerance, diversity and bias in the context of the communities (both global and local) in which they live.

Students will develop the language, cultural, technological and civic skills necessary to adapt and respond to a rapidly changing 21st Century world.

Schools will provide opportunity for students to engage in service activities that enable them to contribute to or act on local or global social needs and that provide them opportunities to develop social, civic and academic skills through reflection and self-assessment.

Leaders will foster a professional learning community with the primary focus on student achievement through long-term, intensive staff development and high quality instruction.


Intellectually Challenged and Academically Accomplished
Our school community will create an exceptional learning environment that engages, challenges, and supports all students so that they thrive and achieve their academic potential, while preparing them to pursue opportunities to be global citizens.

Students will be prepared to meet or exceed the requirements for a New York State Regents Diploma.

Students will receive a broad-based education that includes the visual and performing arts, music, physical education, foreign languages and technology.

Students will be supported early and systematically via coordinated and specialized intervention systems and specialists.

Students will acquire and utilize basic English literacy, language proficiency and numeracy to achieve goals and communicate effectively in the digital age.