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Board of Education elections

A local board of education is an agency of New York State governed by NYS law and the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. There are nine residents who serve, without pay, on the Guilderland Central School District's Board of Education. The Board of Education has the power to develop policies, rules and regulations for the operation of our school system.

2010-11 Board of Education election set for May 18, 2010

Voters will select four board members from the following six candidates (listed alphabetically). Candidates are vying for 3 three-year terms and 1 one-year term.

Barbara Fraterrigo Barbara Fraterrigo
Fraterrigo, of 21 Ableman Avenue, Albany, is seeking her fifth term on the Board. A district resident for 39 years, Fraterrigo serves as a business manager for a local medical practice and has served on the Guilderland Public Library board for 22 years. She and her husband, Philip, have five children—all Guilderland graduates.

Why would you like to be a member of the Board of Education?
I'm offering to serve another term on the Board because of a true desire to give back to a community that I have called home for thirty-eight years. A good education is the greatest gift that a community can give its children. I will work tirelessly for today's students so that they can have the tools they need to become engaged and contributory citizens of the twenty-first century. With my past Board service, I believe that I have strived to do what's best for the students of the district while being cognizant of the taxpayers' ability to pay. I believe in communication and enjoy interacting with my fellow citizens, students, teachers, support staff and administrators. I thoroughly believe in the old adage that "two heads are better than one" and that by working together we can come to some creative solutions to the challenges we will be facing next year as we seek a new superintendent and face unprecedented budget challenges. Being a Board member has brought me many wonderful memories and proud moments as I have witnessed our students' academic achievements, community service and good sportsmanship awards. Our district has been a pioneer in so many areas and I would hope that we can maintain our level of excellence even as we struggle with our financial challenges. My family has been privileged to be a part of such a great school system and community.

Emilio Genzano Emilio Genzano
Genzano, of 33 East Highland Drive, Albany, is seeking his first full term on the Board—he was appointed last October to fill an eight-month vacancy. Genzano serves as the assistant vice president of engineering and construction at Albany Medical Center. He and his wife, Jill, have three children: Emilio, Jr., Joseph, and Maria.

Why would you like to be a member of the Board of Education?
I want to continue to work with the Board for another term. I have learned a great deal in a short time. There is so much yet to learn. An individual who is on the Board needs at least two years to become effective. My background and community experience bring a good perspective to an already well-rounded group. My children have been fortunate to be part of this community and district. I would like the opportunity to participate in this decision-making body for our future.

Colleen O'Connell
Colleen O’Connell
O’Connell, of 629 Salvia Lane, Schenectady, is seeking her third term on the Board. O’Connell worked as an attorney before becoming a full-time homemaker in 2003. A district resident for 15 years, she and her husband, Joseph Scott, have three children: Hannah, grade 12, Nate, grade 11, and Noah, grade 8.

Why would you like to be a member of the Board of Education?
I believe that during my six years on Guilderland's Board of Education I have learned a great deal about the school district's operation as well as its strengths and weaknesses. I would like the opportunity to use this learned knowledge, along with my legal background and my experience as a mother, to continue to maintain and improve Guilderland' excellent programs and staff.

Elijah Sharma
Elijah Sharma
Sharma, of 14 Mountaindale Ct., Altamont, is seeking his first term on the Board of Education. Sharma graduated from GHS in 2009 and is currently studying political science at Hudson Valley Community College. He is a member of numerous organizations, including the district’s Citizens’ Budget Advisory Committee.

Why would you like to be a member of the Board of Education?
I want to serve on the Guilderland Board of Education because I love the Guilderland Central School District and I know their success is critical to the success of our entire community. I want to start a conversation about how we can preserve critical education programs, create a safe and respectful climate, preserve and promote integrity, make bullying history, preserve and lower class sizes, improve school safety and order, create a responsible budget that respects the tax payer and protects the classroom, and about anything and everything important to this community. We can learn to disagree without being disagreeable, that we can compromise as long as we know of the principles that must never be compromised, and that we can listen to each other and assume the best instead of the worst. I want to create a board of education that champions everyone’s best interest and that is a voice for the voiceless. I envision a board of education that serves those who have been for too long shut out of the decision making process and haven’t had their voices heard. I am running for the Guilderland Board of Education so that your wants, your needs, your hopes and your dreams come first. We must restore our sense of common purpose and realize that no obstacles can stand in the way of the voices calling for change. Instead of asking this community to support me, I want to ask this community how I can support them.

Allan Simpson
Allan Simpson
Simpson, of 218 Concord Hill Drive, Altamont, is seeking his first term on the Board. Simpson currently serves as the director of finance for the State Insurance Fund. He and his wife, Renate, have two children attending GCSD: Tyler, a sophomore at GHS and Ashley, a sixth grader at FMS.

Why would you like to be a member of the Board of Education?
I am running for the Board because I would like to give back to the community in the form of community service. With our current economic climate, I feel my background can help the school deal with the economic challenges we will see in the coming years.

Gloria Towle-Hilt
Gloria Towle-Hilt
Towle-Hilt, of 210 Stanford Drive, Schenectady, is seeking her second term on the Board. Towle-Hilt worked as a teacher in the Guilderland School District for more than 35 years, before retiring in 2007. A district resident for 27 years, she and her husband, Robert, have two children—both Guilderland graduates.

Why would you like to be a member of the Board of Education?
As a long-time employee of the Guilderland Central School District, I know first hand the commitment that our Guilderland community as well as the school community has made to our children. I am very proud to have helped build this excellent school system and wish to continue to serve the community I value. As I complete my first term as a Board member, I am most aware of the commitment and dedication demonstrated by my fellow Board members. I have had the privilege of working in a collegial atmosphere in which I am respected and listened to along with all other members. Given these very difficult economic times, I do not feel that I can "jump ship" now. We are in the middle of a storm and "all hands are needed on deck." I believe I bring an "insider" perspective regarding the educating of our children. I am also retired and a long-term resident of Guilderland. Being on a fixed income makes me keenly aware of the hardships faced by residents when taxes are raised. As a former social studies teacher, I am also committed to "walking the walk" that I expounded in my classroom for so many years--if our democratic form of government is to prosper, then each citizen must take a part in seeing that it does. Many in our community contribute their time and talents and this is an area where I have some expertise in and lots of passion about. Our children are our most precious resources. How we serve them in the present time will certainly shape our future. I would like to contribute my service to them and to the community by serving on the Guilderland Central School District Board of Education.


All in Favor: Cast your vote for student success!

Your local school board makes the decisions that determine how your community's children are educated and how your tax dollars are spent. Voting for school board members is a simple but powerful way to support student success and strengthen your community.

Read more about how to cast your vote for student success in this helpful brochure provided by the New York State School Boards Association. (PDF).  

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