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Food services


Elementary charge policy
Students will be allowed to charge one meal after they have exhausted money on their account or have forgotten/lost their money.

Prior to a student's account being exhausted, the food service employee running the the POS will provide written notice to the student to bring home that their lunch account is running low.

The food service director will notify the parent via the email provided on the student's SchoolTool account that their child has charged a meal and it needs to be paid back.

After a student has charged a meal and they are without food or money for lunch, they will be given a free sandwich and milk and the food service director will notify the parent a second time via email or phone.

Parents can but a no charge memo on their child's account by calling the food service director at (518) 456-6200, ext. 3110.

Middle and high school charge policy
Students will not be allowed to charge a meal.

Families with balances on their account after their children leave the district will have an option of requesting a refund or donating the leftover money from their child's account to a fund which will help payoff unpaid charges at the end of every school year. A form will be provided on the district website for both of these options.

Kitchen use policy
Teachers and PTA members may use the ovens before 9 a.m. and after 1 p.m. on school days, if they have been trained by a food service worker first. The kitchen needs 48 hours notice prior to the kitchen use and it must be 48 hours of in school time. A kitchen use form must be completed and training given every time the kitchen is to be used after normal working hours. The only time a form does not have to be filled out again is if the same person responsible for the kitchen filled out the original form with multiple dates.

Others Wanting Kitchen UseNo outside people or company can use the kitchen unless a food service worker is present and being paid for their time worked by the person or company. The district will bill the person or company directly for the worked hours.

FoodThe only food which can be brought into the kitchen must come from an approved distributor or from a licensed kitchen per the Health Department. No food made at home or brought from home can be brought into our licensed kitchen. This is the guidelines set forth by the Health Department so we will not be shut down.

Refrigeration/freezer UseThe only thing that can go into the kitchen refrigerators or freezers must be coming from a licensed kitchen or an approved distributor per the Health Department and nothing can be left for more than 24 hours.

Cleaning SuppliesAnyone using the kitchen must bring in their own supplies including: pans, rags, bleach for sanitizing (1oz bleach to 1 gallon of room temperature water, not hot water - the bleach will dissipate), dish soap, napkins, plates, bowls, straws, etc.

Students/ChildrenUnder no circumstances can children/students be in the kitchen.

ChargeA fee will be charged for any kitchen area not cleaned according to the Health Department Standards. Outside people or groups wanting kitchen use will be charged to have a food service worker present while they are in the kitchen where they are cooking or not.

Non food service employees must not be in the kitchen during food preparation, cooking and serving times during the school day. The sanitation of the kitchen becomes compromised and the likelihood of a food-borne outbreak becomes greatly increased.

Download a printable copy of this policy (PDF)

Lunch on early/emergency dismissal days
If students are dismissed before 12 p.m., the district will not provide lunches. If students are dismissed after 12 p.m., they will receive lunch. Lunch times may need to be altered depending on dismissal time.

Procedure for bag lunches on field trips
1. Parents need to be made aware that bag lunches are available.

2. Bag lunches must be requested 24 hours prior to the field trip if it involves one or two classes.

Food options
Bagel and cream cheese
Vegetable sticks
Cheese stick
Fresh fruit
Baked snack item
Milk box

3. These bag lunches would have to be paid for when the student picks it up or can be prepaid when the lunch is ordered. If a representative (an adult) from the class comes down to pick up the bag lunches. They must have a star-based classroom list, so when they hand the lunch to the student they can check it off at the point of service. The star-based check off list must be handed back to the kitchen personnel prior to the end of the day. This is for accountability to State Ed.

Snack policy in the elementary schools
No student will be allowed to purchase a snack if they do not have a lunch. No more than 3 snacks can be purchased by a student.

Staff/parent purchases
All paper products including plastic silverware, paper plates, napkins, straws and cups must be purchased. The cost to purchase 6" plates, napkins, straws, or plastic silverware is $.02 each and hot & cold cups are $.05 each.

Teachers can purchase pizza, ice cream, cookies, etc. at discounted prices for parties or rewards. They only need to notify the food services director.