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Community Announcements

Terms and Conditions

By checking the appropriate box on the Community Announcements Submission Form, you are indicating you have read the following terms and conditions related to Guilderland Central School District's Community Announcements page:

Submissions for the page will only be accepted through the Web-based "Community Announcements" form. No faxes, phone calls, hard copies or e-mails will be accepted.

Submissions must be 150 words or less. No attachments will be posted.

All fields must be completed on the Web-based "Community Announcements" form. Incomplete submissions will not be posted.

Community organizations must provide a valid contact e-mail address, phone number or website to accompany their announcement. The last sentence of each announcement will be "Contact [e-mail, phone or website address] for more information." Submissions with missing or invalid contact information will not be posted.

The district reserves the right to edit submissions when necessary.

Announcements must advertise recreational and educational activities and programs that benefit children within the school community. These activities, events and programs must take place within school district boundaries to be considered for publication. Notices of a political, subversive, religious, or secret/fraternal nature will not be published.

The Superintendent of Schools reserves the right to withdraw approval of material from any source if it is determined that distribution would undermine the intent of this service or cause disruption to the educational program.

Whenever possible, announcements should be submitted at least one week in advance of the requested publishing date. Requests made within a week of the requested publishing date are not guaranteed to be posted.

Community organizations submitting an announcement must indicate they have read the terms and conditions of this service.