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GCSD Employee Recognition Award

The Employee Recognition Award is a wonderful tradition in our district. In the late 1970's, the Board of Education authorized the establishment of a committee to review the names of Guilderland employees who have made outstanding contributions to the Guilderland Central School District. Over these many years, more than 460 employees have been recipients of this award.

If you are a current GCSD staff member, you may nominate an employee for recognition whose contributions have been:

Through loyal service over a period of time, or

Through special acts that exceed normal expectations, or

Have had a significant immediate or long-range impact on students and /or employees.


The person you nominate is not restricted to someone from your own work group. For example, teachers may nominate a custodial employee or transportation employees may nominate a secretary, etc. However, many times nominations are submitted for individuals who have already received such recognition. Please note that individuals cannot be recognized for this honor on multiple occasions.

If you wish to nominate an employee who you feel deserves this special recognition and with whom you have a professional relationship, please complete an Employee Recognition Award nomination form (PDF) and return it to the Office of Human Resources. Please note: Only one (1) nomination by one (1) nominator per form, please. Forms which contain more than one nomination or a list of nominators will not be considered by the committee. E-Mails and late nominations will not be considered.

The deadline to submit all nominations to the Office of Human Resources is 4 p.m. on Monday, May 1, 2017. You will receive confirmation of the receipt of your nomination and your nomination will be reviewed confidentially. A member of the selection committee may contact you for additional information.

All past award recipients still employed by GCSD are listed below.

Abel, Leslie
Albright, Elizabeth
Aube, Bill
Baakman, Ronald
Baker, Dawn
Barcomb, Sharon
Barney-Sischo, Deanna
Barranca, Donna
Baugh, Corina (Sprinceanu)
Bonafide, Loretta
Brabant, Peter
Buckley, Kimberly
Carkner, Mitchell
Clum Dolan, Nancy
Commisso, Castilia
Cordell, Daniel
Crisafulli, Michele
Critelli, Laurie
Crupi, Anne
D’Arcangelis, Janet
Davis, Jane
Dean, Stanley III
DelNegro, Patricia
DeLuca, Melissa
DiGregorio, Whitney
Doak, Dana
Donnelly, Vivian
Doyle, Nancy
Eidle-Barkman, Kirsten
Elario, Sheila
Erickson, Debra
Fanning, Molly
Farison, Michelle
Favitta, Pat
Fiero, Alan
Furlong, Tamara
Gergen, Melissa
Gingrich, Elizabeth
Gnirrep, Gary
Goldberg, Kathleen
Gonnelly, Mark
Graffeo, Jennifer
Hahn, Mitch
Hammond, Michael
Harmon, Kim
Horan, Timothy
Jackson, Gregory
Jager, Barbara
Jasenski, Maria
Johnson, Regan
Kearns, April
Keller, Teresa
Kelly, Carol Ann
Kernozek, Holly
Kinnally, Reva
LaCasio, Pamela
Lajeunesse, Karen
LaMountain, Maureen
Lane, Mark
Lansing, David
LaPietro, Debra
Lasselle, Richard
Lawrence, John
Lazarus, Annette
Liegeot, Mike
Livingston, Linda
Mapstone, Jonathan
Marciniak, John
Martin, Timothy
Martone, Tracy
Mayo, Elizabeth
Mazzone, Maria (Altieri)
McGrath, Joan
Meehan, Catherine
Mell, Tod
Mickle, Colleen
Miller, John
Monlea, Christine
Myers, Pauline
Nooney, Clifford
O’Brien, Elizabeth
Ockerman, Laura
O’Connor, Ann Marie
Oliver, Kathy
Peck, Lisa
Penna, Daniel
Phelan, Dorine
Pickett, Catherine
Pipa, Mike
Piscitelli, Mike
Pokal, Maureen
Pommer, JoAnn
Provost, Tierney
Rant, Christine
Ricchetti, Catherine
Romano, Michelle
Rowe, Robert
Salamone, Amy
Sanders, Neil
Sanita, Chris
Schaffer, Mike
Schmitz, Mary
Schwan, Tom
Singleton, Demian
Siver, Nick
Snyder, Dave
Spawn, Pat
Spooner-Smith, Emily
Tapper, Lori
Teeter, Rae Jean
Tenenini, Diane
Toro, Beverly
Tymeson, Kate
Upton, Nora
Van Auken, Linda
vanOort, Christine
VanWagenen, Keith
Weber, Daniel
White, Christine
Whiteman, Beth
Whiteman, Robert
Wier, Dawn
Williams, Bernice
Wood-Irvin, Teresa
Young, Diane
Young, Mickey
Yu, Mee Chun
Zimmerman, Jocelyn
Zuspann, Virginia
Zwagerman, Mary



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