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Human Resources

Posted: November 11, 2015
Field placement experience at GCSD

The Guilderland Central School District has a long history of providing placements for pre-professional field experiences for teachers, related service providers and administrators. Please read the information posted below about placement opportunities carefully, as participation procedures have recently changed.

Information for colleges/universities
In order to maintain a consistent accounting of all arrangements, the Guilderland Central School District is establishing a single point of contact for all colleges and universities. Going forward, all agreements and approvals will be prospective and in place prior to any field experience placements. On an annual basis, please submit to this office by May 1, for the subsequent school year:

Signed Field Experience Agreements between the University/College and the Guilderland Central School District. This will be an annual agreement, unless otherwise stated, and will require Board Approval.

Certificate of Insurance- This should be for Guilderland Central School District and should not name a specific student. On the back of this letter are the district’s insurance certificate requirements.

Any request for a field experience (student teaching or teacher-administrative internship) must come directly from the college or university and be processed through the Guilderland Office of Human Resources. View the official letter sent to local colleges and universities regarding field placement opportunities (PDF)

Information for individuals seeking placement
The requesting student/intern must complete and submit a Field Experience Request Form along with an unofficial copy of his/her college transcripts to the building principal for approval. We have an expectation of academic excellence for those working with our students. In addition, the requesting student/intern must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to placement.

Download the Application for Professional Field Experience (Student Teacher/Observer/Internship) (PDF)

Documents required include:

Download the district's confidentiality agreement form (PDF)

Download the district's OSPRA 102 form (PDF)
If you have already been fingerprinted.

Download the Internet and Computer Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)
Please only return the signature page.

Download the district's background check form (PDF)


Information for GCSD faculty looking to host a placement opportunity
The district has taken several steps this year to get a handle on the numerous student teachers and interns in our buildings. Namely, the district has adopted a four-step process by which to guide our student teacher/intern placement going forward:

Download the Letter to GCSD Faculty and Administration (PDF)

1. A letter has been sent to all institutions of higher education likely to place students here, to let them know there will be a single point of contact should they wish to partner with Guilderland for field experiences (student teaching, internships, related services , master level internships, including administrative).

2. A Field Experience Request Form will need to be completed by the college student PRIOR to the commencement of a student teaching/Internship experience. The application will require building level and district level approval.

3. Faculty members who wish to request a student teacher/Intern will do so through My Learning Plan. Placements will require approval prior to the field experience.

4. The Human Resources Office will collect all required documents before a field experience can commence. Field experiences may be delayed until all paperwork has been received.
    a. Field experience application form
    b. Acknowledgment from the University/College that the student meets minimum GPA standards
    c. Internship agreement with University/College
    d. Certificate of insurance
    e. Background check
    f.  Fingerprint clearance
    g. Confidentiality agreement

If you currently have a student teacher that has not been cleared through Human Resources, please let HR know immediately. If you have plans in motion to obtain a student teacher, please inform us so that we can get all necessary paperwork in order. Effective for the summer semester of 2015, all student teaching placements will require prior approval. 


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