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Bullying prevention

Additional resources

Online resources for students, parents, and teachers:

Stop Bullying Now
Web site published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
Comprehensive site through Clemson University that describes the program developed by Dan Olweus and currently in use at Guilderland.
Canadian-based site filled with useful facts, tips and resources.

National Mental Health Information Center
Features information on the "15+ Make Time to Listen...Make Time to Talk" campaign, which provides practical guidance for parents and caregivers on how to strengthen their relationship with their children by spending at least 15 minutes of daily, undivided time with them and focusing on them. The program's featured initiative centers around bullying.

Parenting Suggestions Regarding Technology
Compiled by national speaker John Halligan, whose son, Ryan, died by suicide on October 7, 2003 after being bullied by classmates at school and online. Halligan spoke to GSCD students, staff, and community members during a series of presentation on May 18, 2011.
Learn more

Cyberbullying: What is it and how can you help prevent it? (PDF)
New York State School Boards Association brief, intended to help parents and educators better understand how to recognize and prevent cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying Research Center
The Cyberbullying Research Center is dedicated to providing up-to-date information about the nature, extent, causes, and consequences of cyberbullying among adolescents.

Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention at SUNY/Buffalo
The mission of the Alberti Center is to reduce bullying abuse in schools and in the community by contributing knowledge and providing evidence-based tools to effectively change the language, attitudes, and behaviors of educators, parents, students, and society.
View a variety of tip sheets related to topics such as digital literacy, cybersafety, respecting creative work, etc.


District brochures: 

Dignity for All Students Act (PDF)

Bullying: It's Not Okay: A Parent's Guide (PDF)

Bullying: It's Not Okay: A Student's Guide (PDF)


Print resources:

And Words Can Hurt Forever: How to Protect Adolescents from Bullying, Harassment, and Emotional Violence, by Dr. James Garbarino and Dr. Ellen deLara. Free Press, 2003.

Bullying at School, by Dan Olweus. Blackwell Publishing, 1993.

Bullying in Secondary Schools: What is Looks Like and How to Manage it, by Keith Sullivan, Mark Cleary, and Ginny Sullivan. Corwin Press, Inc., 2004.

The Respectful School: How Educators and Students Can Conquer Hate and Harassment, by Stephen L. Wessler. Alexandria: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2003.


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