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Recycling and Conservation at GCSD

America Recycles Day


For the past two years, GCSD has joined organizations throughout the country to participate in America Recycles Day (ARD)! Our schools performed the fantastic initiatives below in recognition of ARD.

At Altamont Elementary School...
Teachers supported the day with selected texts read aloud in the classrooms.
Students and staff collected all recycling for the one day, weighed it, and found facts based on the amount recycled (to be shared at a later assembly).
PTA considering pursuing a composting program due to parent/family interest.

At Guilderland Elementary School...
Fifth-grade recycling team made morning announcement each day with a fact about recycling.
The 5th grade recyclers visited all of the classrooms to review with students what can and cannot go into the recycling bins.
The recycling team collected returnable bottles and cans and are creating a fund to support school green initiatives.
Students and staff collected all of the plastic-ware that was thrown away at lunch and measured it. They plan to use this information to support the purchase of reusable silverware at a future date.

At Lynnwood Elementary School...
Hosted a Recycled Craft after school program, where students made milk or juice carton change purses, bottle cap magnets, CD coasters, paper bead necklaces and bows from scraps of old wrapping paper. Students made their own creations from different recycled items (promoting their own creativity).

At Westmere Elementary School...
Grade 5 students shared a recycling or environmental fact each morning on the morning announcements throughout the month of November.
A collection of “read-alouds” was created by the librarian for teachers to use in their classroom on that day/week
Created a no trash lunch or snack on America Recycles Day.
Students and staff kept track of the trash used individually or as a class on ARD.

At Farnsworth Middle School...
Students and staff held a recycled clothing drive, collecting and sorting clothing to be donated to the Saint Anne's/Saint John's House in Albany.