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Supply lists (17-18)

Mohawk 6C supply list for the 2017-18 school year

August 2017—

Dear Mohawk 6C Parents and Students,
Welcome to the Mayo-Oliver-DeLaBruereTeam! We are excited for the 2017-2018 school year at Farnsworth Middle School! We are looking forward to a productive year filled with learning and many new experiences. We can’t wait to meet our students on the first day of school, and parents... mark your calendars for Open House on Wednesday, September 13. We are looking forward to introducing ourselves and meeting everyone!

We hope the information that follows helps you and your child prepare for the start of the school year.

“Getting to Know Me” Letter
As a way for us to get to know you better, we would like you to write us a letter before school starts. Tell us about yourself. What have you been doing this summer (camps, vacations, etc.)? , What are your hobbies? What are some of your favorites... Subjects in school? , Books to read?, Foods? Colors? Sports? Activities? Music? TV Shows? You can email your letter to: and -- We can’t wait to hear from you! ☺

Summer Reading
During the summer, the FMS expectation is that each student will read at least one book and be ready to share it with classmates during the first few days of school. Any books that are read over the summer count toward the annual 25-book requirement for sixth grade! Please use the form in this letter as a record of your reading this summer. Parents, please sign the form and send it in on the first day of school. You can refer to the recommended reading list on the District’s website for suggestions. Here's the
FMS Book Record (PDF) to keep track of your reading.

Classroom Magazines
We will be using a magazine this year, DynaMath by Scholastic. Please send a check for $8 made out to FMS to cover the cost of the magazine. This should be a separate check from the A-Pad check, please. It can also be sent in on the first day. Students purchase a magazine to supplement curriculum, and to enhance reading, writing, and math skills. This is a great publication that parents will enjoy, too!

Good organizational skills are a major factor in student success at the middle school level. To help students be well prepared, we have included a list of school supplies necessary for a successful year. We will spend some time during the first few days of school labeling and organizing supplies. *Please do not write your name or subject areas on any items before school.

We look forward to meeting you and working together with you toward the success of your child this school year. We value and encourage open communication between parent and teacher: look for our weekly Friday Updates for up-to-the minute team news; monitor your child’s grades in our core classes (available 24/7 on the district’s SchoolTool website); enjoy Twitter posts that show students in action using #mohawk6c; and use our team website (with daily homework updates) to help your child manage their academic responsibilities.

The first day of school will be here before we know it. Until then, have a great rest of the summer!

Jennifer DeLaBruere, Liz Mayo and Cynthia Oliver

A check made payable to FMS for the classroom magazine, DynaMath. The cost is $8.
A check made payable to FMS for the APAD (Assignment Notebook). The cost is $3.50.
FMS Summer Book Record of summer reading (signed by a parent)
**Students will not need to bring their team school supplies for core classes (Science/Math/Social Studies/Language Arts) on the first day, due to the team-building activities we have planned!**

(1)Trapper Keeper, or something similar- a binder that zippers is ideal! (Team Binder )
(1) pack of dividers for Team Binder
(1) three-hole punched pocket folder (any color, for homework)
(1) three-hole pencil case (to fit inside Trapper Keeper)
(2) marble composition notebooks
(3) one subject spiral notebooks – any colors
(4) red pocket folders with fasteners
(3) yellow pocket folders with fasteners
(1) plastic blue pocket folder with fasteners
(1) plastic green pocket folder and plastic orange pocket folder
(1) purple pocket folder (paper or plastic) for research
Texas Instruments Scientific calculator (TI-30X IIS) It can be used on state assessment, and will be used in all grades at FMS!
  (4) packages of pencils – sharpened please!
  (1) pair of scissors
  (1) yellow legal pad of paper, 8 ½ x 11 size
  (2) packs of loose leaf paper
  (4) packs of 3 x 3 size post-its
(2) packs 3x5 index cards
(1) pack of 5x8 index cards
(1) package of colored pencils
(1) package of fine tip markers
(1) highlighter
(1) fine point black Sharpie
  (1) package of glue sticks
(2) boxes of tissues
  FOREIGN LANGUAGE SUPPLIES: binder, 8-10 dividers, loose leaf paper or notebook, headphones/earbuds, Expo markers, index cards

Important Locker and Lock Information
All Grade 6 students in Mohawk will be provided one, free-hanging, combination lock in Homeroom at the start of the year (lockers in Seneca have a built-in combination lock). Hiawatha, Mohawk, and Tawasentha students are responsible for their provided lock for their entire career at Farnsworth Middle School. At the end of the school year, students will take their assigned lock home for the summer and bring it back for the next school year.
● Students who misplace or lose this lock will need to purchase a replacement. We encourage them to purchase a school-issued lock at a cost of $5 at their house office.
● Students must purchase their own lock for the locker they will use in the Physical Education locker room.


Physical Education at FMS
Welcome to Physical Education at FMS. Each student will be assigned a locker in which they should store their clothes/belongings. The following items are needed for physical education class:

● Combination padlock (please, no key locks)
● Change of clothes (shorts/sweats, t-shirt/sweatshirt)
● Pair of sneakers