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Supply lists (17-18)

Mohawk 6D supply list for the 2017-18 school year

August 2017—

Dear Team Families,

Welcome to Farnsworth Middle School and Mohawk House for the 2017- 2018 school year! We are so happy that you will be a member of the Abbasi-Flynn Team. We are looking forward to a school year filled with lots of learning, new friendships, and fun!

Parent Letter
Parents, we know that no one knows your child better than you. It would be so helpful if you would write a letter to us about your child. Please tell us anything you think we should know about your son or daughter. We always enjoy reading these letters, and it allows us to begin the school year already knowing a bit about each child. Please e-mail this letter to us during the summer (see addresses below) or have your child bring this letter to school on the first day. We welcome any and all of your thoughts or ideas.

Summer Reading
During the summer, the FMS expectation is that each student will read at least one book and bring it in during the first week of school. We will use this to complete an activity early in the year. Please refer to the recommended reading list on the district’s website for suggestions. Any books read over the summer count toward the annual 25-book requirement for sixth grade. We strongly encourage students to keep reading this summer. We already have our summer reads lined up!

School Supplies
Good organizational skills are a major factor in student success at the middle school. To help you get prepared, we have attached a list of school supplies needed for the upcoming school year. We’ll spend some time during the first few days of school labeling and organizing supplies; please do not write your name or subject areas on them at this time.

Sixth Grade Orientation will be on Tuesday, September 5 and the first full day of school will be Wednesday, September 6. Open House is scheduled for Wednesday, September 13. We can’t wait to meet you! Until then, enjoy what’s left of summer.

Mrs. Melissa Abbasi – Math/Science |
Mr. Robert Flynn - Language Arts/Social Studies |

Abbasi-Flynn Team
2017-2018 Team Supply List

Science & Math:
❏ 1.5-or 2-inch RED 3-ring binder (hard or soft) with pockets inside-no zippers please
❏ One 2-pocket, plastic folder with holes
❏ One composition notebook
❏ Texas Instruments TI- 30X IIS Scientific Calculator
❏ Three boxes of eraser tops Language Arts & Social Studies:
❏ 1.5 or 2-inch BLUE 3-ring binder (hard or soft) with pockets inside
❏ One 1-subject spiral notebook
❏ Two regular pocket folders with holes
❏ One composition notebook
❏ One textbook cover (no sticky covers, please)

General Team Supplies:
❏ One heavy-duty 2-pocket homework folder (no prongs please)
❏ One 2-pocket folder with prongs for Reading class
❏ Two packs of wide-ruled lined paper (for shared use)
❏ Two packs of lined 3X5 index cards
❏ 75 or more pencils (Ticonderoga preferred; for shared use)
❏ Pens
❏ Two boxes of tissues
❏ Glue sticks (4 or more)
❏ One pack colored pencils
❏ Check for $4 made out to “FMS” for FMS assignment notebook
❏ Colored pencils
❏ Headphones or earbuds

Optional Supplies:
❏ Two zippered pencil & pen pouches with holes
❏ Pencil sharpener
❏ Reusable water bottle
❏ Locker shelf
❏ Magnetic pencil/pen locker organizer World Language & Cultures Supplies:
❏ 1 or 1.5 inch binder
❏ 8-10 dividers
❏ Expo markers

General Music Supplies:
❏ pocket folder
❏ white loose-leaf paper
❏ box of tissues

All 6th-grade students are encouraged to purchase the FMS assignment notebook. This will be available from team teachers on the first day of school. **
Please include a check made payable to “FMS” for $4 to cover the cost of the assignment notebook

A backpack may be used to carry supplies to and from school, but it must be a size that can be easily stored in the locker during the day. Most backpacks with wheels do not fit very well, if at all, in lockers.

We hope this list will make your school shopping easier. Please e-mail us with any questions.

Thank you!

Important Lock and Locker Information
All 6th grade students in Mohawk will be provided one, free-hanging, combination lock in Homeroom at the start of the year (lockers in Seneca have a built-in combination lock). Hiawatha, Mohawk, and Tawasentha students are responsible for their provided lock for their entire career at Farnsworth Middle School. At the end of the school year, students will take their assigned lock home for the summer and bring it back for the next school year.
● Students who misplace or lose this lock will need to purchase a replacement. We encourage them to purchase a school-issued lock at a cost of $5 at their house office.
● Students must purchase their own lock for the locker they will use in the Physical Education locker room.

Physical Education at FMS
Welcome to Physical Education at FMS. Each student will be assigned a locker in which they should store their clothes/belongings. The following items are needed for physical education class:

● Combination padlock (please, no key locks)
● Change of clothes (shorts/sweats, t-shirt/sweatshirt)
● Pair of sneakers