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Supply lists (17-18) 

Seneca 6G supply list for the 2017-18 school year

August 2017—

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the Brumer/Spring Team and Farnsworth Middle School! We look forward to working with your children on the first day of school on Wednesday, September 6. Included with this letter is a list of supplies your child will need for the year. Please clearly label as many supplies as possible in permanent marker with your child’s name and homeroom number. Please note that the first list of supplies is only for the four core academic subjects. Supply lists for special area classes come after the first list.

During the summer, the expectation is that each student will read at least one book and bring it in during the first week of school and be prepared to talk about it. Please refer to the recommended reading list on the district’s website. Any books that are read over the summer count toward the annual 25-book requirement. Students should keep track of which books they read so that they can add those books to the Annual Book Record form.

Assignment Notebooks and Classroom Magazines:
Assignment Notebooks ($3.50): All students at FMS use the assignment notebook to develop study skills and organizational skills. It is also used as a communication device between parents and teachers. All students are required to use this notebook, and will receive it on the first day of school. Please write a check made payable to FMS, or send cash, in a sealed envelope. Please label this with your child’s name, homeroom teacher’s name, and “A-pad money.” A replacement cost will be incurred if it is lost.


Classroom Magazine: Scholastic News ($5.50): Students purchase this magazine to supplement curriculum, and to enhance reading and writing skills. This magazine is issued t bi-monthly for the entire year. Please write a check made payable to FMS, or send cash, in a sealed envelope. Please label this with your child’s name, homeroom teacher’s name, and “Classroom Magazine.” We would like to have every student purchase these magazines as they will be used in class.

“Bragging” Letter
Parents, we would like you to write a letter telling us about your child. We are interested in hearing about his/her strengths as a learner, special interests, and accomplishments, as well as any concerns you may have. Feel free to brag! You may send the letter with your child the first day of school, or if you would prefer, you may email us at: and We are looking forward to a wonderful school year with your child. We look forward to meeting you on September 13 at the 6th Grade Parent Open House. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Nancy Brumer Patrice Spring

For the second day of school
Please write two separate checks for these made out to FMS
● $4 (Assignment Notebook)
● $5.50 (For Scholastic News and Super Science)
● Bragging Letter

On Thursday, September 7, please have your child bring in all school supplies (they will not need to bring any school supplies on the first day due to the team-building activities we have planned).

**Please label all binders and notebooks with your child’s name and homeroom number.
**Students will need to purchase supplies for their Foreign Language and Special Area class in the fall upon meeting their teacher.

● (4) 1" plastic flexible binder (BLUE for Language Arts; GREEN for Social Studies; YELLOW for Math; RED for Science)
● (1) plastic folder with pockets for Reading (Any color)
● (2) 1 – subject spiral notebook (YELLOW for Math; RED for Science)
● (2) Composition notebooks (Language Arts Writer’s Notebook; Reading Journal)
● (4) packages of pens and pencils (2 of each) for all subject areas
● (2) each of highlighters, (2) packages of loose leaf paper, (2) packages of eraser pencil caps, (2) boxes of tissues and (2)glue sticks ● All subjects
● (1) USB drive
● (1) box of colored pencils
● (1) pair of earbuds
*Materials should be replenished as needed during the school year.

French, German and Spanish Supplies:
● binder (1 1/2" or larger)
● (8-10) dividers
● (1) low odor dry erase marker
● pens/pencils
● index cards
● headphones or earbuds
● loose-leaf paper
*Additional supplies may be requested per individual teacher

Music Supplies
● pocket folder with white loose-leaf paper
● pencil (not pen)
● box of tissues

Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Supplies
● (1) 2-pocket folder (any color)

Physical Education at FMS
Welcome to Physical Education at FMS. Each student will be assigned a locker in which they should store their clothes/belongings. The following items are needed for physical education class:

● Combination padlock (please, no key locks)
● Change of clothes (shorts/sweats, t-shirt/sweatshirt)
● Pair of sneakers

*There may be additional supplies depending on individual teacher.