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Supply lists (17-18) 

Seneca 7D supply list for the 2017-18 school year

August 2017—

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are looking forward to working with your child this year. As part of the Seneca 7 team we are hoping that your child will find this school year successful, challenging, and enjoyable. As the end of August approaches and those “Back to School” ads appear, we would like to suggest the following items listed below.

●  (4) 1 ½ inch 3-ringbinders (Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts)
●  (1) package of 9 dividers (four for Science, five for Language Arts)
●  (2) packages loose-leaf paper (Social Studies, Language Arts)
● (1) box colored pencils (personal use)
●  Pens blue or black (no gel pens) (personal use)
●  #2 pencils (personal use)
● (1) box of tissues (homeroom)
● (1) package of highlighters; multi-color pack (Science)
● (3) packs Post-it notes (Math)
● (1) spiral notebook (Social Studies)
● (2) packages of white 4X6 index cards (Science)
● (1) TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator***
● (1) heavy duty plastic folder (homework folder for all classes)
● (1) pair headphones or ear-buds (to be used with Chromebooks as needed)
(1) composition notebook (LA)

We would like to strongly suggest that you purchase the TI-30X IIS scientific calculator for your child for use in both math and science classes. Calculators will be available during math class time but we cannot send calculators home with students. Due to the change in NYS requirements for eighth grade and the need to begin using a scientific calculator in seventh grade, we feel it is important for each student to have his/her own calculator for math and science especially for home use. We will be doing in-class calculator lessons with the students using this particular model and it would be most beneficial to the students if they were able to follow these instructions with the same model. This model allows the user to see what has been entered on the display screen.

Please, provide a check made out to FMS for $3.50. This will cover the cost of the students’ assignment notebook (apad).

French, German and Spanish Supplies:
● binder (1 1/2" or larger)
● (8-10) dividers
● (1) low odor dry erase marker
● pens/pencils
● index cards
● headphones or earbuds
● loose-leaf paper
*Additional supplies may be requested per individual teacher

Music Supplies
● pocket folder with white loose-leaf paper
● pencil (not pen)
● box of tissues

Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Supplies
● (1) 2-pocket folder (any color)

Physical Education at FMS
Welcome to Physical Education at FMS. Each student will be assigned a locker in which they should store their clothes/belongings. The following items are needed for physical education class:

● Combination padlock (please, no key locks)
● Change of clothes (shorts/sweats, t-shirt/sweatshirt)
● Pair of sneakers

*There may be additional supplies depending on individual teacher.

Contact information
Seneca House Phone: 456-6010 ext. 3060

Email addresses:
Social Studies |
Math |
Language Arts |
Science |

We look forward to seeing you at Open House on September 18!

Mr. Duesler, Ms. Hanna, Ms. Pachucki and Ms. Ryan