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FMS Mask is the group which produces a full length musical in March. Any students in grades 6, 7 or 8 are invited to audition. Auditions will be in the fall and rehearsals will begin after school and will go into the evenings. Students will sing, dance and act.

March 11, 2010:
MASK students perform beauty and the beast
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1) COMMITMENT! Don't take on participation in a show if you cannot see it through to production.

2) Check with your coaches to see if practice is going to conflict or interfere with rehearsals. If so, don't audition. Think about joining MASK next year instead.

3) KEEP UP GOOD GRADES! Your first responsibility is to be a good student; so don't fall behind in your studies.

4) REGULARLY check the FMS MASK bulletin board, T.V. news and cafeteria T.V. monitors to note when YOU rehearse. Come to rehearsals only when you are scheduled.

5) PAY ATTENTION! Listen attentively and quietly. Learn your part. We learn from one another and count on support from each other. Always be respectful and supportive of other performers.

6) Request permission to leave for restroom, telephone, etc. You MUST be signed out and obtain a pass to leave rehearsals.

7) BE PROMPT! Arrive at rehearsals on time, and be prepared to work.

8) LIMIT FOOD OR DRINK during rehearsal. Vending machines are NOT to be used. You may bring a light snack and water only.

9) BE PROFESSIONAL. Know your character. Know your lines. Know your blocking. Know your music. Know your choreography. This is not “pretend”...we are creating a new “reality.”

10) BE CONSIDERATE. Pay close attention to ALL direction. If you have question/comment wait for an appropriate time and speak with the appropriate person.